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x-men-days-of-future-past-movie-reviewAfter X-Men : First class we have an exciting X-Men film that has fun, excitement and some sense. With Bryan Singer back in the franchise, X-Men Days of Future past conceives the curious idea of time travel in a very interesting way. Unlike those wolverine movies which had this huge emotional baggage, this one won’t drag you too much.

Days of Future Past is a time travel idea. The future becomes hell for the mutants and humans after the arrival of Sentinals (a kind of super robot that detects and destroys mutants). Kitty Pryde sends the Wolverine to the 1970’s to stop Mystique from doing something that could help them in ending this war even before it began. Logan’s time travel attempt to re write the history for a better future is what Bryan Singer’s X Men Days of Future Past discussing.

The complexity of Days of Future Past is considerably higher than its ancestors The Last Stand and of course the wholesome entertainer First Class. But the theme here is a darker one and the storyline uses many minute elements from almost all the X Men movies to create that “Aha” excitement inside the viewer. With all those pioneers in the business coming in their younger body for one purpose, the level of visual extravaganza needs to be on the higher side and Singer has made no compromise on that.

Bryan Singer keeps the movie in that exciting zone and it should be appreciated as the darkness of the theme could easily make it a bit draggy. The screenplay tosses it up nicely and we get to see that personal side of the mutant war. The mixing of real life incidents with the fantasy was cool and I liked those old TV frames which captures mutants on the streets of Paris. Some really memorable scenes are there like the one were Quicksilver saves the three main X Men from bullets was something hilariously cool. The whole cinema hall was laughing and at the end of that there was a loud round of applauds. And also there is this unbelievably crazy idea of Magneto to pluck a stadium which was conceived brilliantly by the visual effects department.

On screen, Hugh Jackman is nice as the screaming and trying to be cool Logan/Wolverine. The guy who had the biggest strain in performing in my view was James McAvoy as the young Charles Xavier and he did a nice job. Michael Fassbender was cool as Magneto. Jennifer Lawrence played her Mystique part nicely. Evan Peters was super cool as the Quicksilver. Rest of the cast was also fine.

So, X Men Days of Future Past should not be missed. The complications in the plot slightly pulls the movie backwards but still it’s a visually stunning piece of work. To identify certain minute plot inclusions I suggest you watch the earlier parts or at least their wiki links. The rating is 3.5/5 and thumbs up. Poor USA, Loki and Avengers made a mess of it, Godzilla destroyed it last week and this week they get screwed in the past too. In the coming weeks the apes are going to take over them, will there be anything left for Optimus Prime and his metallic dragon to fight for? God Knows!

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By Aswin Bharadwaj

Founder and editor of Lensmen Reviews.

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