Husbands in Goa

Saji Surendran’s new outing in the box office “Husbands in Goa” is more of a skit than a movie. Following the same pattern of its first part (not exactly), this film is also has a childish story line and very few worthy jokes. The fun part hugely lies on the small counter dialogs of actors and I don’t think the script writer has much role in it.
The movie is basically about three young husbands Jerry, Govind and Arjun who are always tortured by their wives. They want to break free from them and decide to go to Goa to enjoy a few days. Each of them tells various places to their wives and secretly goes to Goa. On their way to Goa they meet this drunkard guy Sunny whose wife has filed a case for divorce. Understanding the condition of the boys Sunny decides to join them and the fun. During the Goa days they get caught by Police for making issues in a restaurant and to get out from that case they lied to the Inspector Imran Khan that they are bachelors and they are planning to marry these girls. The troubles after this are supposed to be the fun part of the movie.
The plot is simple and silly. The buildup of each protagonist was nicely done by the makers. As the first half highly relies on setting the plot for the movie it was relatively a good fun. But the second half is kind of lame with very few humor numbers and stupid situations. The suspense style climax was very much predictable and that portion takes away all the fun from the memory.
On screen, solid performances by Indrajith and Jayasurya. It is really sad to see two amazingly talented actors choosing this kind of bizarre scripts and spoiling their carriers. Asif Ali was a big let down and his dialog delivery and comedy timing was poor. Lal did a nice job as Sunny. The female leads don’t have much to do in this script and they have rightly done nothing in the movie. Kalabhavan Mani, Innocent and Praveena have also played their part neatly.
In the making, Saji Surendran follows his cliché direction style and offers nothing fresh in terms of making. Krishna Poojappura’s scripting has some improvements but still it depends on the jokes and dialogs we are used to and situations we can easily predict. The small VFX portion used for the train sequence was impressive. Cinematography and editing was quite average and the music was below average. Bijibal’s BGMs were good but I don’t know why he copied the BGM of Casanova for a scene in the climax portion.
Overall, HIG is just another time pass movie that offers literally nothing to take back. Watch, laugh and forget otherwise it will kill your ability to love good movies. I am giving a generous 2/5 for this colorful crap.

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By Aswin Bharadwaj

Founder and editor of Lensmen Reviews.

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