May be Madhur Bhandarkar has forgotten the fact that people have seen his film Page 3, or he wants to show the backstage drama of the Btown again. Whatever be the reason, the movie “Heroine” depends largely on “Page 3” especially in placing some key elements of the screenplay. The failure of the director to make the audience feel the conflicts of Mahi Arora also makes this movie an average one.

The movie is about a top Bollywood actress Mahi Arora and the most crucial portion of her carrier. Her relationships, her efforts to keep the fame, how she realizes the bitter truths of the industry, how she destructs and how she escapes from everything after literally losing her own identity.

To narrate the story of Mahi, Bhandarkar has used many elements of Page 3 and has also included a few new trends that is taking place Btown like the south remake trend, 100 crore club of movies, trade gurus, item numbers, small budget big films and many more. The problem with the movie is that the script never really shifts the gear to make the ride smooth or adventurous. It’s always the same and occasionally a bit dragging.   The mental condition of the central protagonist is on a high and we cant relate this character as a common symbol or identity of every heroine.

Some are saying Kareena’s performance is like over acting. Well to me the one to be blamed is the maker who created a highly sensitive character like Mahi. Kareena has done her part in becoming Mahi Arora. Arjun Rampal and Randeep Hooda plays their part neatly. Shahana Goswamy also makes an impressive outing.

Bhandarkar’s direction is typical and very much engaging. But the script flaws many times for Heroine with so many ups and downs of the central character. At times some incidents go to a level which cannot be related practically. Dialogs are cool, but not enough to create an impression. Cinematography is good and the cuts are also in sync. The BGM and Music of Salim – Sulaiman team was also impressive.

Overall Heroine is an average flick that just cant connect with the viewer. I don’t know how this became the Madhur’s dream project and its difficult to imagine an actress like Aishwarya in this role. I am giving 2.5/5 for this two and a half hour long movie.

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By Aswin Bharadwaj

Founder and editor of Lensmen Reviews.

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