I Love Me

If you are someone who likes the Abbas Mustan style thrillers which will have a dozen of twists in the last half an hour of the movie, there is a possibility that “I Love Me” from director B Unnikrishnan might please you. It’s a movie that twisted its own neck because of the over dosage of twists and also it lacks the excitement factor.

The movie revolves around four characters. Savi a gunda by faith, Prem a fraud, Ram Mohan a struggling business man in Bangkok and the girl Samantha. For a particular purpose Ram Mohan recruits both Savi and Prem to Bangkok and privately assigns a quotation to each of them to kill a particular. On realizing the target, Savi and Prem finds things difficult to digest and decides to clear the mystery mist around Ram Mohan. What all things they find, the unexpected twists in their findings etc are the attractions of this so called thriller.

Well, the movie has only two kinds of twists; one is predictable and the other non sense. From the treatment itself we will be able to predict what is going to happen. The great friendship and bonding shown among the characters is something that is hard to sync. The reason behind all these drama by Ram Mohan was also a letdown and all those build ups and mysteries built around that character looked too amateurish at the end.

On screen, Unni Mukundan is still finding it difficult to put expressions in his face. But compared to his bizarre outing in Mallu Singh, this one was an improved one. I think the character and mannerisms of Prem was in the safe hands of Asif Ali. He handles the role with the required cool and calm attitude. Anoop Menon again performs with ease as Ram Mohan. Isha Talwar was pretty and expressive as Samantha. But her dubbing showed some hiccups in some emotionally pivotal areas.

In the making, B Unnikrishnan disappoints in handling scenes in my view. The clichés and predictability that was abundant in the writing of Sethu wasn’t treated or corrected properly to give the audience a fresh feel. Considering the fact that Unnikrishnan himself is a screen writer with good track record, this selection was a poor one indeed. Sethu’s script lacks the one big factor that decides the faith of a thriller, unpredictability. The dialogs weren’t that charming and the added comedies kind of stood out. Only thing that was pleasing in the movie was the cinematography and Music. Satheesh Kurup has given a next level feel to the movie with his camera work. Music of Deepak Dev is good but the songs were kind of inserted in to the movie and the synchronization wasn’t there. BGM in the introduction fight of Unni Mukundan felt similar to the BGM of Prithviraj starrer Hero.

On the whole I Love Me from director B Unnikrishnan is a poorly executed thriller. I am giving 2/5 for this twisted movie. Watch it at your own risk.


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By Aswin Bharadwaj

Founder and editor of Lensmen Reviews.

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