Dabangg 2

Writing a review for a movie like Dabangg itself is pointless thing. More than a film Dabangg is an entirely separate entertainment franchise. Well the return of Robin Hood Pandey is just the repetition of the part one. A stronger villain and change in backdrop is the only noticeable difference of this film from the ancestor.

The new version has Chulbul in charge of the Kanpur city and the antagonist here is a political tycoon Bachcha Singh. The basic story in this episode is the clash between Chulbul and Bachcha when both of them loose their loved ones. Ultimate victory is undoubtedly for the cop. The 2 hour long dusty, nasty and over the top action fun is the juice of this directorial venture of Arbaaz Khan.

Well the down side of this episode of the highly anticipated franchise is the lack of creativity in th content. The movie is almost the exact replica of the first one. From his village Pandey now shifts to the urban color. The antagonist is more powerful. The charmless brother played by Arbaaz is presented as a total idiot in the second part. The wife is still there to be romanced. The angry father has now become a comic item. The structuring is much similar to the first part and almost all the songs in the first part have a follower in this second innings. The positive charm is the quirky dialogs and charming screen presence of Robin Hood Pandey.

On screen, no words for the amazing screen presence of Salman Khan. He keeps his cool and Pandey is safe in his hands. The dialog delivery was also spot on. I don’t know why the writers tried to add a melodramatic shade to a character well known for the bindaaz attitude. Prakaash Raj was also satisfying. An actor of his caliber could have been used to a much better extent. Sonakshi was satisfying. Arbaaz made a mistake by making his character a geek. Vinod Khanna was cool in his role. The comic timing of the supporting cast was also cool.

In the making, Arbaaz hasn’t tried anything drastic to make it different from Dabangg 1. Dilip Shukla also stays in the safe zone in terms of writing. Apart from the cool dialogs of the main protagonist, writer also repeats the first part. Well the fights are still the same old non-gravity thing, but it has definitely improved. Edits and Cinematography are satisfying. This time the music from Salman’s favorite duo Sajid-Wajid was a disappointing one. The signature Latin style BGMs are cool. The brand promotion they made such as Salman’s entry in Bike for a particular fight, the mobile phone and the money transfer were utterly bizarre.

On the whole Dabangg 2 is strictly for those who loved Dabangg 1. Pandey ji simply repeats the show. I am giving 2.5/5 for this masala franchise. Recommended for Salman fans.

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By Aswin Bharadwaj

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