I, Me aur Main

I, Me aur Main from director Kapil Sharma can be called as an extended version of Ayan Mukharji’s Wake Up Sid. But sadly the half baked content and the too much of a silly attitude of its main male protagonist makes the movie a bit difficult to sync in and ends up in being a normal so called new generation movie that has its cool factor here and there.

The story is basically about Ishaan Sabharwal, a talented music producer from Mumbai who is kind of immature when it comes to handling personal relationships. His girl friend Anushka loves him badly and Ishaan always keeps her away from meeting his parents as he is not prepared to take the relationship to the next level. These kinds of deeds of Ishaan lead to the breakup of the two and Ishaan shifts to another apartment. The events that happen after his entry in the new place where he meets a girl Gauri is basically the movie all about. The personal and professional issues Ishaan has to face in this phase and how he tackles is the main content of this John Abraham starrer.

Well the movie travels the same journey of Wake up Sid in terms of aim and soul. The only particular difference is that I, Me aur Mein has some additional luggage that is hard to convince. The movie tries to follow the personal life of Ishaan and the professional inspiring side of his is largely side lined. With all these filmographies in front of us, it was quite predictable what Gauri will do in his life and the character didn’t had that charm to change Ishaan but the bubbly portrayal by Prachi covers those negatives up to an extent.

On screen, John has delivered a fairly convincing act. The content offered the star to do something beyond his clichés. Chithrangada was also a suitable choice as the bold Anushka. In some dramatic scenes in the first half she lost the grip. Prachi on the other side did a smart job as a self made modern girl which is not a typical one for her. Even though the makers failed to add some juice in to her character, her performance managed to generate some energy. Mini Mathur, Zarina Wahab and Raima Sen also get some worthy screen space.

In the making, the screenplay is largely on the dull side with no real fresh crackers to blossom the movie whose content is quite predictable. Even though the pregnancy factor was a non typical idea, the execution took away the impact from it. Also portion were Ishaan and Anushka decides to move things on a practical knot lacked that smoothness it demanded. Cinematography was satisfactory while edits showed some hiccups.

Overall it’s an average deal. The familiar plot demanded something fresh to spice it up and sadly that cracker is missing in this script. I am giving this one also a 2.5/5. Lesser expectations may help you.

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By Aswin Bharadwaj

Founder and editor of Lensmen Reviews.

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