Idhu Kathirvelan kadhal

ithu-kathirvelan-kadhal-reviewPlastic romance and unreal emotions embedded in lame story – that’s Idhu Kathirvelan kadhal for you. The director’s ultimate aim is to advise the younger generation to be more concerned about their parents rather than their romance; but with an expressionless hero and amateur story, the movie is just a dull product.

Kathirvelan is the central character here. A strong follower of lord Hanuman. Kathir’s elder sister married the man she loved against the wishes of her parents. Soon after marriage the couple break up for very silly reasons and Kathir decides to go to Coimbatore to meet his brother in law to solve the issue as his father wouldn’t be interested in doing it. But after reaching Coimbatore Kathir gets to know this girl Pavithra and falls in love. The various issues he had to face in this romantic phase of his life is the movie all about.

The script just doesn’t get any heavy emotions correctly and the only thing that offers us something in the name of entertainment is the humor. The humor that comes along with some totally irrelevant sequences is what that gives us an opportunity to laugh. Just to establish his preach the director has gone for a lot of brittle concepts like a womanizer friend for heroine, a bizarrely childish ego clash between relatives and many more shoddy ideas. The level of exaggeration is too much in these sequences that they look like a total misfit for a romantic comedy. The romance part was also quite outdated and cheesy.

Udhayanidhi Stalin is the biggest miscast of the movie. The guy just cant bring expressions on his face and most of the times he is saved by the cooling glass. He was quite confused and lacked confidence in thos song sequences. Nayantara did her part nicely. Santhanam once again becomes the oxygen of a dead film. As I mentioned earlier its those scenes somewhat written for Santhanam that saves the movie from being a disaster. Kala Kalyani and Aadukalam Naren were also good in their characters.

The shoddy script is a major minus of this movie. Too many subplots that finds it hard to get linked. Too many songs popping out without much reasons to celebrate. And the director just couldnt do anything special to make these imperfections look better. Camera work and edits were average. Once again Harris Jayaraj finds it hard to produce a memorable music.

Idhu Kathirvelan Kadhal is a disappointing film that has very little entertainment. The whole world of the movie is so delicate that only people living in a bubble would find it touching. My rating is 1.5/5.

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