robocop-reviewThe movie RoboCop focuses largely on the personal side of the character rather than the heroic image. If they were able to connect that episode effectively with the machine life of our central protagonist, movie would have definitely scored. But RoboCop ended up as an average product which just want to set the stage for possible sequels.

The story is set in the new backdrop of United states where a company OmniCorp is developing Robots to serve as police so as to make America a more secure place (just a business tagline). But the fact that Robots doesn’t have that emotional side to think accordingly makes their product a weaker one. An injured detective Alex Murphy’s condition gives them a chance to rediscover their Robot with a human being inside it. How this experiment works out and the consequences that the system and Murphy’s family had to face because of this is what the film all about.

Well its fantasy all the way and they have built the situations that leads to Murphy’s unfortunate physical condition pretty nicely. But the main conflict of this episode (possibly the first of many) is the failure of the technology to assess the RoboCop and the problems that happens because of that. That particular shift was conceived in very lame way and lack of clarity in such pivotal areas make the whole movie slightly dull. Apart from that, there is no real set pieces in the film to make the entertainment seeking viewer go “WOW”.

The making was good in the beginning but as things progressed film began to loose rhythm. Most of the fight sequences towards the last half looked like a PC game screen. Screenplay as I said wasn’t that clear in that key section where RoboCop starts to show his humane side. Cinematography was good especially in those bike riding sequences. Decent visual effects.

Joel Kinnman and Gary Oldman did their roles nicely. Samuel L Jackson did his television presenter part smartly( will get to see more in the sequels I believe). Abbie Cornish and Michael Keaton have delivered an okay performance.

So to sum it up, I would say with a better script we might get to see a better RoboCop in its sequel. My rating is 2.5/5 for this first episode of RoboCop.

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By Aswin Bharadwaj

Founder and editor of Lensmen Reviews.

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