Well they have named it correctly. Idiots, the new movie from debutant director K S Bava has done complete justice to its name by making the audience feel like idiots after the two hour long movie. They might have intended to make a no brainer entertainer but at the end of the movie, people might think that the makers have teased them for having no brain. Story by veteran director Sangeeth Sivan made me exited at the beginning. But the sad truth is that Mr Sivan has given the beta version of his old hit “Apna Sapna Money Money”  to the new director.

The plot revolves around a girl who wants to punish her ex boyfriend who cheated on her. She goes to meet a quotation group in disguise and gives quotation to kill her without making her feel any pain. The coward gang assigns this job to a juice shop owner who hasn’t paid their debt. Freddy the Juice guy goes to her house but his attempt was interrupted by another guy. Freddy wants to kill her to get the money and the girl wants to get killed without pain. As they plan for killing her without pain some unfortunate incidents occurs and everyone gets screwed. How they get out of the mess is the plot of this idiotic creation.

Well, the plot itself has no sense at all. The childishness that prevails through out the movie makes the viewers howl and yawn. The kind of treatment Bava used in the screenplay is an outdated one. Some good jokes were spoiled by detailing. The type of slap stick comedy we see in Priyadarshan movies were also visible here. For some jokes only the characters in the movie was laughing.

On screen, I think when compared to his last few outings this one gave Asif something to do in his safe zone. I do admit that his character was kind of an add on.  Sanusha again disappoints big time with her immature acting. Baburaj was a relief. Even though he wasn’t used to his full, the dull movie finds some rhythm with his help. Vijayaraghavan dons the role of Beeranikka in a satisfying manner. Est of the cast were also loyal to their job.

Off screen, I believe director Bava needs to find a fresh way in interpreting this kind of no brainers. We have enjoyed no brainers like CID Moosa in the past. But such movies had that crispy making style that made the audience forget the sense. But this one is a confused mix. In the technical aspects, apart from art department and Music nothing really impresses.

Idiots can be classified as a no brainer movie. But calling it as a good entertainer will be a sin. For a movie with scattered jokes and brittle plot I am giving 1.5/5. If you were able to enjoy it you are unfortunately lucky.

Final Thoughts


Green: Recommended Content

Orange: The In-Between Ones

Red: Not Recommended


By Aswin Bharadwaj

Founder and editor of Lensmen Reviews.

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