Iru Mugan

I found Iru Mugan really funny for its lazy scripting style. Tamil Cinema always had this obsession towards sci-fi subjects and yet again the lack of a pan global outlook and the really naïve way of depicting events makes this movie largely a laughable one for its on screen seriousness. Except for that dark knight Joker inspired hospital scene, there isn’t an area in this cinema which you would say was crafted perfectly.

Akilan is this Ex Raw agent who left the agency after an operation against a drug lord named Love ended up in the death of his wife Meera. Nearly after four years of that incident, something happens in Malaysia which had Love’s involvement in it. As Raw is clueless about Love, it calls back its best ever agent (Akilan of course) back. How Akilan deals with this case and what all surprises were awaiting him is what Iru Mugan dealing with.

If you ask me whether you would like this movie or not, I would say if you have liked a film like Miruthan, this one will also please you. I wasn’t a big fan of Miruthan as it had very less conviction and novelty in presentation. The same thing happens with Iru Mugan as well. The movie tries to create an alarming scenario where Love’s evil deeds are creating chaos in India and we along with Akilan isn’t really giving a damn about it. Director Anand Shankar’s imagination is an ambitious Petronas tower with a foundation of a two story house. One of the important twist that happen in the mid way looks impressive when it happens, but the explanation given to that looks lame and clichéd.

Vikram looks elegant as Akilan and portrays the role of Love by mixing his iconic Remo with something that can be called as an attempt to be a Heath Ledger. Nayanthara is there mainly for her stunning looks. Nithya Menen was good as the RAW agent. The character offered to Thambi Ramaiah was really annoying at some areas.

Anand Shanker’s script isn’t really grounded. It is like a formulated story we would imagine over a coffee. The idea of Adrenalin pumping creating all the heroics is kind of cool. But there is no real attention to detailing. There are times the writer director has compromised his five minutes rule. The entire hospital sequence doesn’t really make much of a sense with its realness but covers up most of the errors by showing us the convincing performance of Vikram. RD Rajasekhar’s frames were good. Art department was also nice. The album on the whole isn’t that catchy. I liked the main theme music. There isn’t much of a sense in placing of songs as well.

If you are okay with fragile fantasy themes, Iru Mugan is a onetime watch. For me it was a below average experience. I hope Cipla won’t sue the movie for making a mess of inhalers.

Rating : 2/5

Final Thoughts

If you are okay with fragile fantasy themes, Iru Mugan is a onetime watch. For me it was a below average experience.


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By Aswin Bharadwaj

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  1. That Stupid indian cinema Cliche

    Mountain people r ready to Save nd Cure a Lead Role Charecter, falling off a cliff,Even with a bullet in head

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