Kochavva Paulo Ayyappa Coelho

Kochavva Paulo Ayyappa Coelho is a template inspirational story mixed with the elements we see in typical Malayalam movies set in village backdrop. The basic thought of this movie is based on Paulo Coelho’s famous quote, “If you want something,  all the universe conspires you in achieving it.” Many characters in this movie are reciting that quote in the film, but at the end of KPAC the Goosebumps you wanted to experience was missing.

The little kid Ayyappadas is our main protagonist who narrates the story to us. He is from a village and from childhood itself his main ambition was to travel in an airplane. Destiny took away his first two chances and Ayyappadas aka Appu somewhat gave up his dream. The movie Kochavva Paulo Ayyappa Coelho focuses on the series of events that happen in Appu’s life when Kochavva, a young man who helps everyone in that village plants an idea of how swimming can ultimately give Appu an opportunity to fly in an airplane one day.

As a children’s film Kochavva Paulo Ayyappa Coelho would be a comfortable watch as it has the quintessential preach along with minimal humour. Sidhartha Siva who earlier did films with very sensitive and contemporary issues, this time tries his hand in a very basic level of inspiration. Even though the aim is quite sincere, the path taken has the elements of a tried and tested commercial cinema. Numerous characters just get forgotten as the movie progresses because of their sheer irrelevance in this story.

Kunchako Boban once again delivers a performance that follows his usual style. Ayyappadas was portrayed neatly by Rudraksh. Among the countless other stars in the film, Nedumudi Venu, KPAC Lalitha, Muthumani and the girl who played Ambili (hope its correct) got a fair enough space. Suraj Venjaramoodu has handled the comedy nicely. Rest of the cast has very little to do in this film (including Anusree).

Coming to the making, the desperation to make it a comical or a festive movie by placing many characters, inclusion of an irrelevant romantic track etc. are the major flaws of this film. The movie doesn’t really show you the depth of Coelho’s statement. The starting 30 minutes or so of the movie has an awkwardly hurried pace which at times gave way to some nonsensical jokes. Where the movie really manages to come close to its aim is in the second half. Because of the earnestness in Rudraksh’s performance, the sentiments in those areas work in favour of the movie. Cinematography is just okay and the edits weren’t great. I liked that romantic track featuring Anusree and Kunchako Boban. The Sooraj S Kuruppu song was somewhat a repetition of his VTPT track.  BGM wasn’t that good.

Kochavva Paulo Ayyappa Coelho is an overstuffed simple movie trying to inspire kids. KPAC is a wannabe Iqbal at some areas. But it never dares to take up the challenge by being completely honest to the theme and thus ends up being an average film with occasional moments of laughter and happiness.

Rating : 2.5/5

Final Thoughts

Kochavva Paulo Ayyappa Coelho is a wannabe Iqbal at some areas. But it never dares to take up the challenge by being completely honest to the theme


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By Aswin Bharadwaj

Founder and editor of Lensmen Reviews.

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