Isaac Newton Son of Philipose

Isaac Newton Son of Philipose directed by debutant V Bose is a typical comedy- family entertainer that loses its comic essence because of the silliness in its soul. The usual formula of commercial movie with a plot that has no freshness is what this movie offering its audience.

The plot revolves around the title protagonists Isaac Newton and his dad Philipose. Newton hasn’t passed the 10th grade for almost 18 years and his dad won’t let him marry the girl he loved unless he succeeds in the SSLC exam. How this simple tantrum of his father spoils his life and how all these mess is cleared is basically the plot of Isaac Newton Son of Philipose.

Well the tantrum is infact the villain of the formula script. A whole lot of emotional drama and trauma are happening because of this childishly simple matter of Newton clearing 10th grade. The usual drama’s like misunderstandings, villain trying to marry the heroine, friends of hero just to add comic flavor, super cool dad-son relationship etc are there to make the movie look like a family entertainer.

On screen, Lal is satisfying in his typical noisy avatar. Nedumudi Venu and T G Ravi did their part neatly. Tini Tom and Dharman are there just to add some sensless comedy. A cameo appearance for Suraj and an unwanted role for Kalabhavan Shajon is there in the film. The villain played by Rayan was a total downer as the actor never brought any charm in his face. Abhinaya was satisfying as the female lead but her dubbing was totally out of sync.

Technically, Bose who has assisted directors like Amal Neerad and Lal never showed any attempt to improve the movie in terms presentation. The script is an outdated formula presented again with very few charming comedy and non digestible melodrama. The music of Bijibal wasn’t upto his mark and all the songs were kind of awkwardly placed. Fights were really bore with all those rope shots chopped imperfectly.

On the whole Isaac Newton wont pass the box office exam as comedy-family entertainer. I am giving the movie a generous 2/5. The risk is all yours.


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By Aswin Bharadwaj

Founder and editor of Lensmen Reviews.

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