Compared to his very childish debut venture “Janapriyan”, Boban Samuel’s new outing in the box office “Romans” is a pleasing comedy entertainer that wont make you regret the time spent if you are expecting a light hearted comedy. Even though the story highly relies on many typical Malayalam movies which had these elements of thieves, con plays and all, the chemistry of the main protagonists and the humor that they bring in each scene even with their body language makes the movie a joyful watch.

The plot revolves around two prisoners Akash and Shibu. Shibu is a thief and Akash is a magician. Bad faith takes them to the prisons. One day they escape from the hands of cops and lands on a place in the border of Kerala and Tamil Nadu. The people of the village were actually expecting two priests to reopen the shut down church which is surrounded by evil myths. Unaware of the dark history of the church, Akash and Shibu decide to continue there as Priests Sebastian and Paul as it provides them a shelter from police. The surprises that await them and the reasons behind the evil myths and mysteries are the backbone of this comedy entertainer.

Well, two people not familiar to a church becoming priests itself gives a nice scope for genuine comedy and to be honest the makers have tried to conceive it in a satisfying manner. The writing is half baked at many points but still the way it uses the characters and their chemistry makes the narrative indulging. You can feel an ORDINARY here and there for sure. But the old formula of Ordinary is not replicated here luckily. I wonder what happened to Nelson’s character in the second half.

On screen, Biju Menon steals the show again with his super cool comic timing and the laud round of applauds on his intro definitely indicates his commercial brand value. Kunchacko Boban did his part neatly with the required effort and expressions. This combination has this unique comic timing that will crack the audience even with a gesture. Nivedha was really disappointing as the heroine. Veterans T G Ravi, Lalu Alex, Vijayaraghavan and the rest of the cast did their part with required perfection. Nelson as I mentioned earlier was missing in the second half but he was entertaining in his role.

In the making, Bobban Samuel finally gets a script that demands less effort from the director and he has executed it in a satisfying level. Unlike his previous works, Y V Rajesh finally has written something original (hopefully) with typical flavors. The dialogs are cheesy and the situations and added comedies never really stood out. The drama towards the end could have been presented in a better way and the filmy feel of the prayer of the heroine is indeed a misjudgment from the makers. Edits are fine and the photography is also satisfying. Music isn’t that catchy.

On the whole, Romans is a pleasing entertainer that will not make you regret. I am giving it 3/5 and a smile. Just for the performance of Biju Menon itself, movie deserves a watch.


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By Aswin Bharadwaj

Founder and editor of Lensmen Reviews.

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