Ithihasa directed by debutant Binu S gave me a feeling of watching a perfectly rectified and dubbed Telugu film. I am not insulting the movie or the making by saying so. It’s just that most of the Telugu fantasy fictions I have seen has certain level of exaggerations and awkward dubbing that spoils the fun in it. Ithihasa tries to explore the same fantasy fiction concept and executes the content with minimal cost and good humour filled with practicalities.

The basic story is very simple. An ancient set of rare rings possessed a super power through which two persons can exchange their bodies. Our story focuses on the incidents that happen when two people living in extremely different living conditions accidently happen to wear these rings. The difficulties they had to face are what this fun filled fiction talking about.

Unlike most of these magical super power films, this movie has this unique humour factor. The recent trend of the Kochi slang and the mindset of these middle class thieves give the movie an amble scope to create humour and up to an extent it succeeds in utilizing it. I have read somewhere that the director doesn’t have any sort of cine work experience and if that is true, many of those who came with the baggage of experienced should be ashamed of their products.

There aren’t many characters in the film. Shine Tom Chacko and Anusree gets to do these challenging roles where they have to swap their characters. Both of them did it nicely and it never looked like over acting. Balu was really good and his typical expressions made the audience laugh out loud. Actresses who did the role of the friends were also good. Small roles for Sunil Sukhada, Joy Mathew, Pradeep Kottayam, Nobi, Binoy and a few more.

As a debutant director Binu S has certainly created an impact. He has kept the movie in the fun zone. Some technical lapses were there in terms of stunts and editing. Script has the fun factor. Towards the climax it was a bit predictable. Cinematography was good. Nice BGM and typical Deepak Dev style music. Edits lacked perfection.

Overall I liked this small film that managed to keep me interested. The runtime of 150 minutes is slightly excessive but still it doesn’t bore you with dragging dramas. The rating is 3/5 for Ithihasa. It’s not a phenomenal film. It’s just a fresh fun film.

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By Aswin Bharadwaj

Founder and editor of Lensmen Reviews.

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