Dracula Untold

It’s a refreshing thing to see the other side of the dangerous vampire Dracula. That’s what created a curiosity in me to watch this movie. With a very peripheral analysis on such a person, Dracula untold fails to create an image that should have been captivating.

The movie focuses on that one instance where lord Vlad who was made the prince of Transylvania tries to save his people. He was asked to give 1000 boys for war by the Turks and the concerned ruler takes the big risk of denying that order. He knew that the consequences will be huge and thus decided to make a great personal compromise to attain the power to save his people. How he came to know about this power and how it all ends is what this movie talking about.

Well it’s a far better movie than Vinayan’s interpretation. It doesn’t insult its title protagonist in anyway. But as I said things looked very peripheral. There is no solid base created to make us feel the acceptability of the prince among his people. Lack of clarity was there at some points on how he came to know about the power. The developments were a bit too abrupt and the portions towards the climax were slightly clichéd and predictable.

Luke Evans has done a good job as Dracula. There isn’t any outstanding performance from the rest of the cast. They all looked good as these characters.

In the making side, the direction isn’t that sloppy. Gary Shore needed more support from the screenplay which sadly wasn’t there. As I said the screenplay wasn’t interested in building the character and the audience is forced to accept him as a hero who is struggling to save his loved ones. Cinematography was okay. The BGMs were good. Visual effects were nice.

Overall Dracula Untold is an average cinema that starts off interestingly but ends up as just one of those one time watch films. My rating is 2.5/5 for the neither scary nor funny Dracula Untold.

Final Thoughts


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Orange: The In-Between Ones

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By Aswin Bharadwaj

Founder and editor of Lensmen Reviews.

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