Jaihind 2

Jaihind 2 is an extremely tacky movie that showcases the showoffs of a self obsessed actor. Written, produced and directed by action king Arjun, this movie does not even have one good thing to its credit. Preaching and patriotism are at its lamest best and the drama is intolerable.

The movie can’t be called as a sequel to the 94 blockbuster as the characters are entirely different. The story now has Abhimanyu as the central character. He is an orphan who runs a Karate academy offering free coaching to students. The socially committed Abhimanyu is drawn into a social issue of education because of an unfortunate incident. How he reacts and how his reaction causes problems for the mighty people are what Jaihind 2 discussing about.

From scene 1 itself the agenda is very much clear that the intention is to create a hero worshipping movie. You can’t praise the hero for showing his bare body, so there is this contemporary issue of education. Irritating jokes, ridiculous romance, shoddy patriotism and irrelevant action sequences are bombarded into the script to make it awfully painful.  At one point we even get to see the quintessential sharp shooter of Malayalam cinema, Rahul Dev becoming a good man. And also when we are eagerly waiting for the film to end, there comes a song that has no significance except for making some poster stills.

Arjun who have written the story seems to be quite desperate to get back into the lime light. The direction is super sloppy and those entire hero praising dialogues annoys you to the maximum. At many points Jaihind 2 is its own spoof. Cinematography was poor. The editing was pathetic and at some scenes we could clearly see the jitter. Music and background scores are on the okay level. Powdered action sequences aren’t that appealing.

Arjun doesn’t have much to “act” as his character is always seen with this depressed face. Surveen gets the typical over written unreal female lead character. Rahul Dev will be still in the shock of getting a positive character. As I said, Simran Kapoor is just a hot property. Brahmanandam’s jokes are painful.

So, Jaihind 2 is a mediocre film by all means. The 1994 version Jaihind had certain entertainment values and the treatment suited the style of those days. But Jaihind 2 is very much obsolete. My rating is 1/5 for this Arjun film.

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By Aswin Bharadwaj

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