Kaaki Sattai

Kaaki Sattai is a desperate effort to boost its central actor from his usual zone of fun and romance to the new terrain of serious action. But with a script that looks quite similar to most of the police movies we see these days and also a treatment that has all these unnecessary exaggerations and irrelevant jokes which were ingredients of certain outdated movies, Kaaki Sattai becomes a disappointing film.

Mathimaran is a constable in the local police station. He aspires to become a police inspector one day. The constable who is mostly in mufti solving small cases falls in love with a nurse Divya. Life changes drastically for Mathimaran when he questions the compromising attitude of his superior and the superior challenges him to bring in one important case that can actually bring out the main enemy of the society. The challenges Mathimaran had to tackle in revealing the culprit of the case he was investigating is what Kaaki Sattai talking about.

The desperate attempt to make it an entertainer is what killing this movie. A lot of time has been spent irrelevantly in the first half of the movie to establish the heroism of the actor and also a very typical Tamil movie romance. Almost 3 songs are there in the first half and only towards the middle of the movie it starts to focus on its agenda. The used out theme of organ trading gets another interpretation with Kaaki Sattai that has a less smart outlook. Irrelevant masala again pops out even in the supposed to be serious second half with all those sick comedies involving Manobala.

Siva Karthikeyan is a suitable protagonist when we look at the attitude and humor the character of Mathimaran requires. But ultimately it’s a muscle power one man show which at least demanded a solid looking hero which sadly Siva Karthikeyan wasn’t. I also felt that he was losing his natural charm while delivering those fast dialogues. Sri Divya as Divya is a pretty face who’s on screen chemistry with Siva Karthikeyan works. Bollywood actor Vijay Raaz did his part as Durai impressively. Prabhu, Imman, Kalpana and many others in the star cast did their roles nicely.

Direction of R S Durai Senthilkumar is not that impressive as he couldn’t package things engagingly. The screenplay and story was quite clichéd and thus ending up as a less surprising overload of masala. Dialogues needed some more fire power. Cinematography and edits were nice. Anirudh’s album wasn’t that catchy when compared to his other past releases. The BGM at the same time helps the movie to stay alive.

Overall I wasn’t that impressed with the content of Kaaki Sattai that has a relevant topic to discuss but also has a baffled script stuffed with all the unnecessary. My rating for Kaaki Sattai is 2/5. BTW why is a police officer roaming without a helmet?

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