Kingsman: The Secret Service

The best one word description for Director Matthew Vaughn’s latest movie Kingsman: The Secret Service would be the title of his own film – Kickass. Catering the audience a fresh recipe of commercial entertainment that has gadget coolness, smart one liners and interesting characterization, Kingsman offers too much of fun in its stylish narrative.

The movie as it’s title suggests is about this secret international spy agency named Kingsman whose operations aren’t official. They are currently focusing on the movements of multi millionaire business man Richmond Valentine who is offering a lot of costly things for free to the common man. In their mission to track him down, Kingsman (men) looses one of their fighters and the movie basically tells us about the selection process of his replacement and also the action they took against Valentine.

Beautifully synchronized blasting of human head has never looked so beautiful and believe me they were fabulous and hilarious at the same time. What Kingsman offers is a content that has some interesting surprises. From the trailer itself you can easily predict the basic story line. But when it comes to the movie, Matthew Vaughn and Jane Goldman has tweaked it in a very catchy manner. The predictions get a twisted interpretation and at some point you will find the antagonist as an interesting character, who is more of an insane entity rather than a greedy one. With an enthralling speed to keep you glued to the screen and also with the help of some never before seen style of visualizing action set pieces, Kingsman is a grand masala from Hollywood.

Academy award winner Colin Firth has played the role of Harry very elegantly. The description he gives about a gentlemen kingsman was quite evident in his portrayal of this retro “gadgetized” spy agent. Taron Egerton as the unemployed and talented Eggsy did his part very nicely. Samuel L Jackson once again ended up as a show stealer. It is not a usual antagonist, and Samuel L Jackson has presented the character very smartly with all the lisp and tones of speaking to make Valentine a peculiar one. Rest of the cast comprising of Michel Caine, Mark Strong and several others did their roles nicely.

Matthew Vaughn has treated the content with an entertaining speed. The way he has captured those fist fights were remarkable and I believe we can see newer versions of that kind of filming of fights in the coming days. The violence was brutal but at the same time it was not the QT type that often makes things uncomfortable for the larger audience. The screenplay has a fresh look as it tries to present all the clichés in these kinds of movies in a new way. The basic conflict of the story somewhere reminded me of Captain America : The Winter Soldier.  Dialogues were smart and slightly intellectual. Background music was superb. The cinematography and the cuts were damn good. The visual effects also showed good quality, especially in those climax sequences.

Overall Kingsman: The Secret Service entertains you completely with its cool, witty and catchy content presented in a gripping style. The rating for this thriller is 4/5. This aint that kinda movie bruv!

Final Thoughts

Kingsman: The Secret Service entertains you completely with its cool, witty and catchy content presented in a gripping style. This aint that kinda movie bruv!


Green: Recommended Content

Orange: The In-Between Ones

Red: Not Recommended


By Aswin Bharadwaj

Founder and editor of Lensmen Reviews.

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