kadhaveedu-reviewWe have seen these kinds of experimental narratives from V K Prakash. The latest film Kadhaveedu directed by Sohanlal is that experiment film that tries to depict various colors of marriage with cinema as its backdrop. Too much of intellectual outbreak from characters and a making that can’t plant the stories firmly make Kadhaveedu a disappointing experience that kind of tortures your willingness to accept variety.

The plot here has a debutant film director Raj Karthi as the central protagonist. He is in a live in relationship with a journalist Jeena and the relationship is in that phase where he should take a decision about it. In the meantime Raj is making his first film that narrates three different stories about the one thing that is confusing him; marriage. How these sweet, bitter and sad life stories mould Raj Karthi as a person is what this experimental script trying to convey.

Somewhere in the beginning, Raj’s cameraman compares the maintenance of marriage to the editing of a cinema. Well after watching this boringly stitched cinema, you will surely understand what he meant. In the case of Kadhaveedu, it’s not just the edits that makes it boring, the disjoint stories which are severely dramatized also takes away that enjoyment factor. When you isolate each story there are a few moments of pain and sarcasm that succeeds in creating an impression. But when you look at the whole equation, the chances of finding a balance are quite less.

The direction style is not an outdated one. But as I said it’s the over dramatic rendering that makes it not so easy for the viewer. The Basheer story’s drama is a pleasing one as it has that sarcasm in it, but when I look at the way Amal Neerad has conveyed “Kullante Bharya” this narrative looks pretty dull. The story involving the Major and his wife lacks depth and the last story of Balachandran requires a bit more length. And that unconventional story of Raj Karthi which is in search a focus also was left unbaked.

The runtime of the film is around 100 minutes and I couldn’t find any actor overcoming any great challenge as everyone’s rendering had that dramatic feel. Kunchako Boban, Manoj K Jayan, Lal and Biju Menon have done their part neatly. Bhama still can’t create an impression. Rituparna Sengupta portrayed the sensuous character nicely.

Overall, I was disappointed with the reinvention of these stories. The level of philosophy was on the higher side at too many places. My rating is 2/5 for this experiment. Luckily it is not a “Poppins” that will question your existence.

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By Aswin Bharadwaj

Founder and editor of Lensmen Reviews.

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