ginger-reviewJayaram in the past has successfully enacted these cursed characters that are good at heart but are always in trouble. Shaji Kailas and Rajesh Jairaman’s latest cinema Ginger is that patience tester which simply repeats the flavors of films like “Pattabhishekam” in a very irritating way. Watching the whole film is like sitting in a room and listening to two people who are seriously discussing an idiotic movie script.

The hero Vivekanandhan is the main accused in 70+ police cases and the cops manage to trap him after hearing a lot of negative remarks from judiciary. The story here has the police handing over the hero to a magistrate at night and the magistrate listening to this accused about how his life turned out like this.

Surprisingly in the flash back scenes we can’t really see any instances where the police are behind Vivekanandhan. All the troubles in which he falls are so unreal and terribly out of sense. Starting from making fun of new generation love philosophy, the movie tries to go to various terrains of idiotic troubles which virtually abuse its viewer’s sensibility. A few reactions from the magistrate manage to crack the audience occasionally but you won’t even want to remember it after watching this lame script.

Direction is immature and the film is really awkward in those first 30 minutes where those sarcastic opposite narrations just leave you alienated. The script then slips in to usual family dramas and then suddenly we have the listener asking the hero “where is the song?” (he was also finding it boring I guess).  After some glimpses of romance (lame), a money lender pops out of nowhere and then the story goes to another shade of revenge and killings leaving us thinking “where are we going?” By the time you complete that terrorizing (a result of hero’s awesome brain) climax, you will definitely feel forgiven for all the sins. The background scores are copied from some old Hindi songs and the edits are poor.

Jayaram is an experienced candidate in doing these kinds of roles and he has done the part with required chaos. If it was Harishree Ashokan in the old days, here we have Sudheesh as the useless friend of the hero. Even with the limited number of scenes Siddique manages to create a good impression. Rest of the cast including Tiny Tom, Lakshmi Gopalaswamy, Suresh Krishna, Kailash, Mallika, Muktha and the others doesn’t have much to perform in this cinema.

It’s a bizarre comedy entertainer from Shaji Kailas. His previous attempt Madirashi was much better compared to this old fashioned drama. My rating is 1.5/5 for Ginger. Facepalm!

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By Aswin Bharadwaj

Founder and editor of Lensmen Reviews.

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