Kanchana 2

The only thing entertaining about the latest Raghava Lawrence showoff Kanchana 2 is the actress Kovai Sarala who with her agility manages to make us laugh in those horror sequences. Apart from that, Kanchana 2 is just the repetition of Kanchana aka Muni 2 with the same old tackiness and unappealing heroism.

Story this time has almost all the actors from the previous episode doing different characters. Raghava is a TV cameraman in the Green TV. The channel slips to the second position in rating and are in search of a brand new program to get back in to the top position. Nandhini suggests about doing a show about the haunted places and the channel approves her idea. The crew of Nandhini had Raghava as the cameraman who was obviously scared about ghosts. The movie tells us about the chain of incidents that happens with the crew during the shooting days.

As I said, the theme is pretty much the outdated repetition of the first Kanchana. First half of the movie has people getting afraid of the ghost around them and in the second half the ghost possesses someone in the crew and then obviously there is a back story of a discriminated individual who is seeking revenge. The usual awkward flavors of commercialization comprising of irrelevant songs and jokes are there in the movie in abundance. Through the back story Raghava Lawrence fulfills his desire to do a Rajnikanth style heroic. The sick feel of the chaos jokes and the tedious length of the movie with the same old tips and tricks are certain things that make this almost 3 hour long movie a really boring experience.

Raghava Lawrence as usual has done the “self” portrayal in the wannabe Rajnikanth style. Taapsee is the heroine for this segment and the actress has done her part nicely and I loved the way she transformed into Ganga. Nithya Menen was really impressive as Ganga with smart dialog delivery and expressions. The one who made even the nonsense look quite hilarious on screen was Kovai Sarala with her portrayal of the comedy mummy.

The making is still in the old school format. Even though Raghava Lawrence has added a lot of space for fireworks like the climax fight, the underwhelming feel of the content still remains the same. Cinematography is okay, edits are poor and the songs are kind of nice to hear. Visual effects are on the average side while the background score was just about okay.

Overall Kanchana 2 is the reincarnation of Kanchana with all its absurdity and a few plus points here and there. My rating for this Raghava Lawrence movie is 2/5. Watch it if you have liked the previous segment of this movie.

Final Thoughts

Kanchana 2 is the reincarnation of Kanchana with all its absurdity and a few plus points here and there.


Green: Recommended Content

Orange: The In-Between Ones

Red: Not Recommended


By Aswin Bharadwaj

Founder and editor of Lensmen Reviews.

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