Mr. X

One major funny thing about the latest Vikram Bhatt movie Mr. X is that they have made this movie very seriously (irony). One major unfunny thing about this movie is that popular standup comedian Tanmay Bhatt has acted in this shoddy movie in a sick and silly character. Treated as a fantasy fiction, Mr. X starring Emraan Hashmi is unintentionally hilarious and at the same time is full of scripting errors.

Raghu and Milli are the best officers in the ATD (anti terrorist department) and they have decided to get married. One day before the marriage the couple unknowingly gets involved in a high profile conspiracy and the outcome was a severe accident to Raghu. The accident was so brutal that the solution to escape from that trauma made him a partially hollow man. How Raghu takes revenge on people who made his life miserable is what Mr. X narrating.

Vikram Bhatt has always been interested in these sci-fi fantasy ideas that largely had shoddy content supported by poor quality visual effects – you can call him the Vinayan of Bollywood.  The confusion about the genre of the movie is clearly there in the writing. We have Emraan Hashmi doing his usual stuff of kissing and delivering romantic dialogues (even when he is invisible) and taking revenge for very personal reasons. But when an opportunity of public display to show off is given, he becomes this hero who claims to provide customized justice and even calls himself Mr. X (as if that is a super cool name). With a screenplay that is filled with outdated idea of super heroism mixed with sentiments and predictable intelligence, Mr. X’s seriousness will make you giggle for sure.

Direction of Vikram Bhatt remains the same with unconvincing melodramas and fantasies conceived in a very amateurish manner. I don’t really know the “necessity” of making this movie a 3D one. The elements in the screenplay are quite dull and predictable and the way they have been written makes the movie even shoddier. Clumsy dialogs make things even more difficult for us. The action has been choreographed miserably with the use of low quality visual effects. No offence, but this “Mr. X” song has succeeded in making me LOL after that “Krish Krish” song from Krrish 3.

Emraan Hashmi is just about okay in his portrayal of Raghu/ Mr. X. Amyra Dastur who kind of impressed me with her performance in Anegan disappoints hugely this time and the main reason was the dialog delivery. Arunoday Singh was too eccentric and it was quite heart breaking to see Tanmay Bhatt in that awkwardly innocent character.

Overall, Mr. X is neither a kid’s film nor a film for the mature audience. It is a sick creation full of old-fashioned content with zero excitement. The rating for the movie is 1.5/5. Skip it.

Final Thoughts

It is a sick creation full of old-fashioned content with zero excitement.


Green: Recommended Content

Orange: The In-Between Ones

Red: Not Recommended


By Aswin Bharadwaj

Founder and editor of Lensmen Reviews.

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