Apart from the catchy screen presence of the main protagonist Mad Maddy aka Madhavan played by Mohanlal, there isn’t anything there in the movie Karmayodha to make you think or entertain. For an argument you can say that the movie has social commitments and all. But as a film it’s a bizarre treatment from the director who is trying to reinvent himself by doing something out of his safe zone.

The plot revolves around the encounter specialist Madhavan from Mumbai police, who is now on a hunt to catch the big racket behind the disappearance of several girls from both north and south. The highlight of the hunt is Maddy’s emotional connection with the investigation and of cause his past deeds which caused these incidents. Can’t elaborate more as it may spoil the very little amount of enjoyment left in the film.

Well, if you have seen the Hollywood saga Taken’s both parts it won’t be difficult for you to make out that the second half of “Karmayodha” is a creative blend of Taken series. I am not saying that Major Ravi has copied this movie from Taken. Its that he has used a lot of aid from Taken to convey the subject that deals with female security in our land. And with the added cliché sentimense and pathetic on screen performance of the inexperienced cast makes this movie a not so interesting experience.

Technically, Major Ravi has made some changes in direction in terms of commercial treatment. But they weren’t enough to make an impact in the minds of the audience. The screenplay drags a lot in the first half and depends a lot on Taken in its second half. Apart from the dialogs we saw in the teasers and trailers, there isn’t any catchy dialog to make us smile, clap or rethink. Cinematography also was disappointing and the first half editing was also not that progressive considering the nature of the film. BGM is suitable to the mood of the film and songs weren’t apt.

Performance wise, Mohanlal after a long time dons the role of a short tempered stylish heroic characters and he has rendered absolutely beautifully with cool dialog rendering and expression. Apart from Mukesh, Sai Kumar and Janardhanan rest of the cast was a total let down. Child artists and the experienced television actors were quite disappointing. The villain Murali Sharma makes an impressive outing in Malayalam.

On the whole, Karmayodha as a film is for die hard Mohanlal fans. The kind of social preaching used in the movie is a used out one and I wasn’t impressed with Major’s narration. My thumbs are down for this one and the rating is 2/5. Just doesn’t have the fire.

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By Aswin Bharadwaj

Founder and editor of Lensmen Reviews.

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