Da Thadiya

“Da Thadiya” from Aashiq Abu and crew is a movie that deserves the tag of a cool and funny movie. It is not a top to bottom laugh out loud entertainer. It’s a film that has either a sarcastic comedy or situational comedy in each scene. A theme based on the inferior emotions of humans, Da Thadiya is a guaranteed cheerful movie.

The Plot revolves around the 120Kg weighing Luke. He is a born in a political family and his best buddy is his cousin brother Shaddy. On meeting his childhood love Ann the helping minded Luke decides to lessen his weight as per Ann’s request. The Thadiyan’s efforts to losing his weight, the kind of insult he faced through that period and how he bounces back and takes a sweet revenge on each person who insulted him is the basic plot of the film.

Well the plot has all the elements of a typical inspiring movie with a familiar structure of depression, anger, struggle and ultimate victory. The specialty of Da Thadiya is in the making. Aashiq Abu has got this wonderful talent of understanding all kinds of audience and delivering something that will please almost everyone. The only problem with the movie is some drastic changes in the story line (Luke’s Second avatar). Those scenes kind of take time to sync in. But the scenes within those portions are quite engaging and cool.

On screen, Sekhar Menon didn’t impress me in the “Enthaanu Bhai” song but in the movie he was really really cool and sweet as the big, fat megharoopan. Sreenath Bhasi is really super cool as the cousin brother of Luke. His acting was safe and satisfying. His dialog delivery and simple expressions were the highlights of his performance. Ann Augustine delivers a satisfying performance while Nivin Pauly really impresses the audience in his antagonist avatar and I really believe that we might see the actor doing one man shows in the future. Veterans like Maniyan Pilla Raju, Idavela Babu, Kunjan, Balakrishnan, V K Sreeraman delivered their part quite smartly. Arundhathi Naag as the sweet Ammama of Thadiyan was also a catchy screen presence.

In the backend, as I mentioned earlier Aashiq has this unique sense of understanding the pulse of audience. Even in relatively calm scenes he creates a kind of anxiety. The only drawback in terms of direction I felt is the sustaining of some scenes. When a scene takes a bit more time to fade out it kind of creates some disturbance in the minds. Scripting wise, the package is quite naturally rendered by Syam, Dileesh and Abhilash. The dialogs are pretty cool and graceful. As I mentioned earlier, the Mayor episode was something that was difficult to sync in with. But they managed to keep it to a sensible level through the scenes that followed it. Shyju Khalid’s cinematography is absolutely gorgeous. This kind of technical backup in a small movie is really a delightful thing. Edits are satisfying. BGM is quite cool and calm. The Vaidyar-Papa fight could have been made better. Songs are peppy and I am eagerly waiting for the release of Sreenath Bhasi’s “Panjasara”.

On the whole, Da Thadiya is a smartly crafted sweet, simple movie. At the end of this Aashiq Abu film there will be definitely a cheerful smile in your face. I am giving this one a 3.5/5 and a thumps up. It’s a joy ride.

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By Aswin Bharadwaj

Founder and editor of Lensmen Reviews.

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