If you have liked the film Thuppakki from Murugadoss-Vijay combo, I believe Kaththi will surely entertain you. I belong to the category which liked Thuppakki and for me Kaththi was an enjoyable Deepavali entertainer that had almost all the pros and cons which Thuppakki had.

It’s a bit difficult to give a brief about the content without disclosing some twists. So those of you who weren’t following the updates about the film, kindly skip this paragraph. Kathiresan is a criminal who just has this motive to do some theft and make money. One night he happens to meet a lookalike of him from an accident spot and the crooked mind of Kathiresan decides to exploit the scope of it. How this crooked play changes the life of Kathiresan in a very drastic way is what this movie talking about.

There is a point in the film at which Kathiresan makes a speech at the press conference telling us how the corporate world has ruined our lives and how we all forgot about those small farmers who used to give us food. Even though they have caricatured the whole corporate setup, this particular scene filled with fury and typical mass masala made me clap. This socially relevant topic having enough focus in a commercially soaked movie is the main plus of Kaththi. The first half of the movie goes like a very typical Murugadoss film. Some jokes worked, some didn’t. Some plans looked cool, some looked exaggerated and there was an interval punch pretty similar to Thuppaakki (I hope ARM won’t make this his signature). The film becomes more of a serious business in the second half after an awkwardly placed selfie song. The second half really shifted the gear and from an overall average feel, Kaththi rose as a good commercial cinema with a subject.

There are times Vijay’s way of rendering comedy looks a bit too much. At many places in the first half of Kaththi it was like that. But the actor was good in those emotional sequences and also the action part. Samantha is there because people cant accept any hero without a heroine. Neil Nithin Mukesh was impressive. The supporting cast was also good.

In terms of direction it is very much similar to the way Murugadoss made Thuppakki. The mass factors were there in certain scenes and some attempted mass pleasers failed. ARM doesn’t have the habit of including parallel slap stick comedy and things like that saves this Vijay movie from comparisons with his failed films. Screenplay is a bit dull in the beginning. And as I said, it is towards the end the movie did the thing. Music was nice. But I must say that the Anirudh version of Selfie Pulla was much better. Impressive BGM. Placing of most of the songs weren’t smooth. Edits were nice. Stunts looked good. Nice use of visual effects.

So overall, Kaththi wont injure you. It has flaws that can be ignored when looking at the message part of it. My rating is 3/5 for A R Murugadoss’s Kaththi.

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By Aswin Bharadwaj

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