There is a formula with director Hari to create his movies. It used to work in the old days, but now with the trend changing drastically with new film makers doing movies in a fresh way, seeing the same old heroism, sentiments, sick jokes and plastic romance bores you to the maximum. Poojai from director Hari is a torturous 160 minutes long action flick.

It’s a bit difficult for me to give a convincing brief about the story as it goes on like an endless tale. Anyway let me try. Vasu is a money lender in Coimbatore. His business was going good. He was in love with a beautiful girl named Divya. Vasu has a past that involves his family and he had to leave the family because of certain problems. The movie basically tells us the scenario where Vasu returns to his family to save their pride and glory.

Fight, comedy, song, sentiments – 15 minutes of all this multiplied by 10 is what Poojai is. Much like any other Hari movie, there is a hero who is concerned about family, his people and his loved ones. He is invincible. There is a heroine who is awkwardly unique and has very less share of “reality”. Villains will always have a minimum of 5 Scorpios and all of them will have swords at the back seat. Every planning will look mind blowing on screen. Camera will go up towards the satellite and come down at another place (minimum five times). No matter what the situation in the movie is, there will be a comedian doing slap stick nonsense just to make the movie longer. Hindu Muslim unity, family preaching and romantic songs without any reason to celebrate will also be there. Looking at the recent works of Hari, all these things are his signature cliche.

Vishal is okay playing the character of Vasu. Hari’s heroes were always powerful and in my view Vasu won’t be there in the top 5. Shruti Haasan was a big letdown as this totally unreal girl friend character. I still don’t understand the necessity of the character played by Sathyaraj. Suri was really annoying with his overdose of expressions. Mukesh Tiwari was good as the antagonist. There is a train full of actors in the supporting cast who doesn’t really make any sort of impact.

As I said Hari has his style and its becoming boring now. Camera travels kilometers without any cuts within a few seconds and everything in the frame is happening very quickly. His screenplay has no intention to include drama or romance in a sensible way. Dialogues at times had fire. Edits were okay. Cinematography was poor. Nice BGM and disappointing music. There is nothing great about the stunts which were like a festival of ropes.

So overall Poojai disappoints big time. I won’t say Hari disappointed me, just like how he still hasn’t changed the font of his title card; he hasn’t changed the way of scripting and directing. Rating is 1.5/5 for this Vishal film factory’s outdated product.

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By Aswin Bharadwaj

Founder and editor of Lensmen Reviews.

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