The makers have clearly spoken out their inspirations for the film through some dialogues. Kunjiramayanam from debutante Basil Joseph is an enjoyable fun film that keeps things lively and humorous for its entire run time. The target was to create a simple fun film with many characters and I believe they have succeeded in achieving that.

Desam is the backdrop of this story. Kunjiraman and his uncle aren’t sharing a good relationship due to some silly reasons. The challenge taken by Kunjiraman to be a successful man by going abroad and to marry a better girl than uncle’s daughter becomes a reason behind many superstitious beliefs. The hilarious outcome of all those incidences is the content of Kunjiramayanam.

Deepu Pradeep who wrote the screenplay and dialogue of the film is quite famous in the social media for the sarcastic and fresh writing with brimming humor. The major plus of the movie is undoubtedly his writing that gives it a witty feel. The non specific background and time zone allows the movie to use various kinds of nostalgic fun elements in the script. The writing also succeeds in creating various interesting characters that stays in the mind. With Basil adding that entertaining treatment that visualizes the undertones and quirkiness of the writing effectively, Kunjiramayanam is vibrant throughout.

On screen I wasn’t expecting much of a blast from Vineeth Sreenivasan and may be because of that, the performance looked good. Dhyan Sreenivasan should thank the makers for making his character look less boring on screen. Aju Varghese once again performs impressively. Neeraj and Deepak were also pretty good. The elaborate star cast comprising of Mamukoya, Indrans, Biju kuttan, Srinda, Arya and many many others gets a good space on screen. While one important cameo made the audience whistle, the other one made them howl.

Basil Joseph gives a good presentation to the writing. The fun is sort of dramatic and the movie doesn’t have any dull phase. The numerous characters in the story definitely create a little bit of confusion. But as I said, there is a good layer of fun that keeps the movie lively. Some memorable counter dialogues are there. The cinematography and edits are also fine. Music has already made an impact and the mix of it in to the movie was also nice. The sarcastic take on superstitions may disappoint those who are expecting a bigger conflict in the movie.

Kunjiramayanam is a good entertainer that wont bore you for sure. For me it was quite entertaining and a big relief among the remaining sloppy Onam releases. The rating is 3/5 for this small film with fair enough entertainment.

Final Thoughts

The target was to create a simple fun film with many characters and I believe they have succeeded in achieving that.


Green: Recommended Content

Orange: The In-Between Ones

Red: Not Recommended


By Aswin Bharadwaj

Founder and editor of Lensmen Reviews.

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