Thani Oruvan

It has exaggerations, it has clichés, but the beauty of remake man M Raja’s Thani Oruvan lies in the fact that it has solid antagonist and the ultimate theme runs on an idea rather than a deterministic heroism. With plot never deviating to anything unnecessary, Thani Oruvan is an impressive thriller with solid performances.

Mithiran is an IPS trainee who has this determination to fight against organized crime. He has inspired his batch mates too to be alert and proactive against it. The movie Thani Oruvan basically is a story that tells us our Hero’s first planned move against one man Sidharth, who controls almost all the illegal activities wearing the mask of a good scientist.

The movie has certain level of typical amplification which we see in cop thrillers, like the over smart predictions, visualization of certain ultra modern technologies. But the film after its first half slightly deviated from the prediction I had in mind. It completely invests it’s time in creating the antagonist and still lingers on to sustain curiosity. The anticlimax portions sort of convey an idea of the thriller and that makes it slightly different from the usual cat and mouse game we see on screen.

On screen Jayam Ravi maintains a good rhythm and energy to portray the role of the focused police officer. Even though the number of scenes is less, Nayantara isn’t the usual showpiece heroine. The supporting cast comprising of Rahul Madhav, Ganesh Venkatraman, Thambi Ramaiah , Nassar and many more did their respective roles neatly. But the show stealer was none other than 90’s chocolate boy Aravind Swamy. M Raja’s perfect casting of him as Sidharth takes the movie to a whole new level. The rudeness, attitude and the intensity to portray such a determined villain was there in plenty in his performance, and the glamour was an added advantage.

M Raja who earlier made typical entertainers with clichéd fun elements surprises you with Thani Oruvan. The frames and scenes don’t have that much of filmy drama in them. Film is almost 160 minutes long, but you will never feel that it was too much. The screenplay is fully focused on the basic agenda, and there are no unwanted comedy scenes or romantic side track. The songs were nicely blended and Hip-hop Tamizha this time succeeds in making catchy tunes and elegant bgms. Edits are slick and the cinematography was also good.

M Raja’s Thani Oruvan ultimately is a winner that keeps you excited for its more than two and a half hour run time. The rating is 3.5/5. A terrific Aravind Swamy will captivate you for sure.

Final Thoughts

M Raja's Thani Oruvan ultimately is a winner that keeps you excited for its more than two and a half hour run time.


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