Kutti Puli

The latest Sasikumar starrer Kutti Puli directed by Muthaiah is an outdated drama that doesn’t really know how to include emotions at the right time. A movie that has a tiring run time of around two and a half hours manages to convey its goal only at the end. A mother – son bonding presented in a lame and indigestible way along with typical masala elements, Kutti Puli just doesn’t have any real moments to cherish.

The plot here has Sasikumar playing the title protagonist Kutti Puli. His father died for his land but the people never really acknowledged the family after his death. His mother was afraid that her son may also follow his father’s way and she removed everything that belongs to his father from the home. When grown up, Kutti Puli unknowingly was in the same violent track of his father and his mother desperately wanted her son to get married so that he will come out of his grey shade. The efforts of his mother, the romance in Kutti Puli’s life and the way his bad deeds causes issues in his attempts to rectify himself etc are the contents of this film.

Well, the actual irritation is the lack of focus. The story moves in an awkwardly made plot. It’s mainly because of the added subplots in the storyline. The mother son bonding factor just isn’t visible because of the presence of other non senses that were created to make things more commercial. The second half make over scenes of Sasikumar was fun when you isolate it from the film, but when you see it as a film the placing of such masala romance was really awkward. And the kind of heroism given to the character of Sasikumar is something that’s hard to sync considering the appearance of the actor.

On screen, Sasikumar is impressive as Kutti Puli. Special mention for his dance number in the second half (even though the song was irrelevant). Lakshmy Menon as Bharathy is not that relevant. Saranya Ponvannan as Kutti Puli’s mother Deivanai has done a good job.

The direction is old school and the scripting is a letdown. The writing needed some discipline and the movie just goes on and on without a particular goal. Other aspects like cinematography, edits, stunts, music etc are all quiet ordinary.

Apart from a few impressive dialogs here and there, Kutti Puli is a letdown. I am giving 2/5 for this Muthaiah movie. Mothers love deserves a better film.

Final Thoughts

Apart from a few impressive dialogs here and there, Kutti Puli is a letdown. Mothers love deserves a better film.


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By Aswin Bharadwaj

Founder and editor of Lensmen Reviews.

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