The Hangover Part 3

the-hangover-part-3-reviewThe third and final installment of the crazy franchise, “ The Hangover Part 3 ” really lacks the required craziness and chaos which made the wolf pack everyone’s favorite. Luckily they didn’t tried to repeat the same dish like the second part, but the third part sadly derails from its title. The fun factor is there for sure, but the movie is somewhat like another film made with the same cast.

This time the plot develops as the wolf pack decides to take Alan to a rehab in Arizona. In the mean time Chow who was arrested in Bangkok escapes from the prison. The wolf pack is attacked by Mr. Marshall who claims that Chow has stolen his gold. He demands the guys to find Chow as he has been in touch with Alan and takes Doug as hostage. The crazy ride of Alan, Stu and Phil to find Chow and get Doug back is what the concluding episode all about.

Well as I mentioned earlier the lack of the signature hangover fun is what that makes the movie dull. Majority of the humor is on Alan’s weird attitude. For a movie that’s just less than 2 Hours, it can make you go LOL, but ROFL is what the customer wants. Memorable scenes are there like the Giraffe one, the security system breaking scene involving Stu and Chow, Alan’s cry during the intervention, the jump from the top of the casino etc. But when you have that Hangover Part 1 memories in your head, this mayhem are just isn’t enough to satisfy you.

On screen, Bradly Cooper and Ed Helms do not have that much to do when compared to the other two segments. The larger screen time is for both Zach Galifianakis and Ken Jeong. While Zach once again makes the audience laugh with his weird Alan avatar, Ken impresses as the crazy Chinese criminal with that funny accent. I really loved the scene where Phil tells Chow that they missed him. Justin Bartha in his limited screen space as Doug and John Goodman as Marshall were also convincing.

In the making, Todd Philips has done the direction part convincingly but where he failed is in planning the set pieces in terms of writing. The dialogs are pretty cool especially the ones for Alan. Cinematography is impressive.

Overall, The Hangover Part III is not up to the mark. Both non-veg and fun are quite less in this episode. Keep the expectations low and you can surely enjoy the pre retirement party of the wolf pack. My rating is a 2.5/5.

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By Aswin Bharadwaj

Founder and editor of Lensmen Reviews.

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