Law Point

law-point-movie-reviewI was startled to see the lack of perfection in the latest Lijin Jose film Law Point as the director showed a great promise with his first venture Friday. But the under two hour long film has an interesting last 20-30 minutes which explains this immature treatment of the script in a convincing manner. The set of questions I had in my mind was answered almost in a proper manner even though some unwanted character build ups spoils the party.

The story focuses on one chapter in the life of advocate Sathya. His clients are normally the criminals. On a particular occasion, he gets to do the role of a mediator in a suicide attempt case. The cunning advocate here has to deal with an equally smart girl who finds out his hidden agendas very easily. How the advocate convinces her for a compromise and some back stories that makes the plot a bit more interesting is the core of Law Point.

At times it looks like a half-baked thriller that focuses on preaching the audience about living the life you have rather than escaping from problems. You will find a lot of cheesy sentimental statements and not so sensible melodramas when you look at the film in that view point and it will surely give you a lot of opportunity to make fun of the film (I did it while watching). But after a point the script starts its unwrapping process and in those moments the film explains a lot of its awkward treatment in a convincing manner. The attitude of the girl’s father, the over intelligent character of Maya,  heavily dramatic back stories of both characters kind of takes away all the interest of the audience from the movie but the explanation I could find from the script was very much convincing.

On screen Kunchako Boban is okay as the advocate. Namitha Pramod was impressive as the smart girl who speaks boldly. Krishna Shankar was fine. Joy Mathew, Nedumudi Venu, Devan, Shaari, Praveena, Prajod, Suraaj, KPAC Lalitha etc. are there in the star cast doing small roles.

At many areas in the first half I felt flaw in direction. The first half an hour that mainly focuses on making Sathya look like an unbeatable smart lawyer looked quite dull. Lijin could have reduced the Volvo advertising. I liked the dialogues. The screenplay looked amateurish in the beginning but as things were explained towards the end, it made sense. Cinematography was good. Edits weren’t that good. The background score was copied from Nenjodu Cherthu song. Music was okay.

So overall it has an interesting theme with less loop holes. My rating for Law Point is 3/5. For the skeptical it will be a painful watch.

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By Aswin Bharadwaj

Founder and editor of Lensmen Reviews.

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