Ulsaha Committee

ulsaha-committee-movie-reviewAfter Salt n Pepper actor Baburaj has this idiotic villain image in the industry and if anything is there in the movie Ulsaha Committee to make it work for the most generous film lovers, it’s his unique way of doing comedy. The story is by the producer Arun Ghosh himself and its written by Shaiju Anthikkadu whose last work was an unforgettable Salaam Kashmir.

The film revolves around the life of three friends Apoorvan, Babumon and Chopra. They don’t have proper education but Apoorvan is a scientist who invents small techniques (trashes) to help the villagers. As his experiments became harmful for the people the panchayath decides to put an end to the experiments. At that time one (S)Haritha Nair from (T)Dream Solar comes to meet the scientist Apoorvan and he borrows money from almost everyone from the village for a solar project. But they lost the money as the whole setup was fake. Their struggle to recover the money is the core of this film.

Seeing some people laugh at the stupidity of the clichéd slap stick comedy, I realised that there are people desperate to laugh at anything to reduce their personal sorrows. And if you are one among them, you can surely watch this film. If Mr Shaiju Anthikkad teased us with the software thing in Salaam Kashmir, this time he has more mind blowing inventions to welcome you. Inventions and science are taken from old Balarama/kalikkudukka jokes list and after the first half, our hero is not even a scientist. All those sentimental scenes and the kidnapping twist will definitely make you howl.

Jayaram’s Palakkad slang was annoying at times. In terms of acting he was quite comfortable doing his usual style “surprised/shocked” expression. Baburaj thankfully offers some moments of fun with his idiotic character. Shajon is also okay. Don’t know what Isha Talwar was doing in the film. Sheela was mighty bore.

Direction from Akku Akbar is sloppy. But there is a limit every director can do with such nonsense + sentimental screenplay. Story itself is a lame one. Screenplay just enhances its lame quotient. Akku Akbar has tried to tease the so called new generation cinema ad latest trends in his recent films. But after watching some of the comedy scenes in this film, I felt the new ones were far better. Cinematography tries to be innovative with irrelevant heli-cam shots and ultra-slow motions. Songs are forgettable.

Overall, Ulsaha Committee doesn’t have anything to boost your ulsaham. . Ulsaha Committee will test your tolerance level with its jokes worth puking.  I am giving a very very generous 1.5/5 for this stupidity. Prem Nazir ko itne gandhe filmon mein use karne walon…. Jantha maaf nahi karoge!.


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By Aswin Bharadwaj

Founder and editor of Lensmen Reviews.

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