If you have ever felt that “the boy meets girl on a trip” trope that you see in romantic entertainers is a safe bet idea that anyone can pull off, Ullasam will make you realize that even that needs the help of charismatic performance and solid writing. Soaked in cliches and cringe-worthy dialogues, Ullasam is… Continue reading Ullasam


Shane Nigam’s new film Veyil directed by Sarath Menon is an elaborate story. The movie has multiple dimensions. It is a coming-of-age story of its hero. It has this Karma-based theme in its story. And it is also a story of a dysfunctional family. The movie is far from being perfect. But once the film… Continue reading Veyil


Bhoothakaalam starring Shane Nigam and Revathy in significant roles is an exciting mix of psychological elements and horror treatment. Director Rahul Sadasivan isn’t trying to make the movie a fiesta of jump scares. He breaks the usual horror film pattern by showing us the complicated mind space of the characters. The haunted house theme gets… Continue reading Bhoothakaalam


When I walked out during the interval of the movie Valiyaperunnal to grab a cup of coffee, I heard someone in the audience say that Ittymaani was far better than this. And when the movie ended, the almost full house audience walked out without much of a response. The attempt of debutant director Dimal Dennis… Continue reading Valiyaperunnal


Veterans failing to embrace the change in narrative style have been something that we have been witnessing in the recent past in Malayalam cinema. Be it Adoor Gopalakrishnan in Pinneyum or even the total washout of someone like Shaji Kailas (someone on the other side of the spectrum), the A-listers have been struggling to cope… Continue reading Olu