Mannar Mathai Speaking 2

After the disastrous outing of Geethaanjali (which took characters from the classic Manichithrathazhu) my hopes on Mannar Mathai Speaking 2 wasn’t that high. May be because of that I didn’t felt the movie as a boring one. The second part of Mannar Mathai Speaking (third one in the franchise) directed by Mamas is a watchable film that follows the same pattern of its prequels.

The story is happening in the present day and Mannaar Mathai is forced to change the drama troupe into a Travel agency. He has plans to conduct a drama on the 25th Anniversary of Urvashi theaters. The movie basically revolves around the developments in the life of Ma Go Ba after they decide to take one girl for their drama and one boy for their travel agency as a driver.

One thing that could ruin your enjoyment is expecting the film to create the same level of fun which its ancestors showed. What Mamas has tried is to replicate the same kind of fun with elements from the modern day. Film starts of in that usual style where our main characters are introduced in the same old way who are blaming each other for small things. Then the girl comes to create the usual ego issues between Balakrishnan and Gopalakrishnan. Then through that girl and one more character the plot goes to those familiar places of extortion, kidnapping etc. In the midst of all this they have created some worthy humor which sadly isn’t that memorable as the dialogues written by Siddique and Lal.

On the acting side, Innocent was the best as he was able to recreate Mathaichan without much problems. Mukesh couldn’t pull off the character with the required perfection, especially in some really emotional scenes where his acting really looked like a stage drama. Sai Kumar wasn’t used that much. Biju Menon was used effectively(Even though the twist idea was a bit cheesy). Shammi Thilakan seems to be the comedian of mollywood for this season and he was nice as the insecure driver. Aparna Gopinath and Basil gets characters without much clarity. Almost all the available actors who were present in the first part and the modern day comedians including Shajon, Niyas and some reality show comedians are there in the star cast.

Mamas follows the same pattern to present the script. Technically the movie is less compromised and the director can take credit for that. The scripting pattern is quite similar to the earlier episodes. Dialogue humor is definitely there, but not that hilarious to make us repeat it after we leave the hall. Music was average and the background score was nice. Visual effects were done neatly.

So to sum it up, this MMS from Mamas is an average film. If you can reduce the expectations it will be really helpful. My rating is 2.5/5 for Mannaar Mathai Speaking 2. A onetime watch.

Final Thoughts

If you can reduce the expectations it will be really helpful. A onetime watch.


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By Aswin Bharadwaj

Founder and editor of Lensmen Reviews.

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