Salala Mobiles

First of all a big thanks to Jacob Gregory for offering some moments of laughter with his natural facial expressions and voice modulation. If he was not there, Salala Mobiles would have easily became a tough competitor for Mohanlal’s Vamanapuram Bus route. Because in both films people are still searching for the reason why the leading lady fell in love with the guy.

The movie is about this lazy young boy Afsal. With the financial aid from his uncle, Afsal begins a mobile phone shop named Salala Mobiles. I still don’t know what’s the focus of the movie. The film showed Afsal’s romance and some troubles the guy faced.

The movie was supposed to be a romantic one, but apart from one song and a few slow motion shots of Nazriya, 90% of the movie was just phone tapping. Style of the movie reminded me of those Tamil movies which always finds it exciting to exaggerate the craziness one experience in romance. Hero is mesmerized by the beauty of the heroine and without much significance, there comes this phone tapping module which in the beginning offered some good fun, but ultimately proved irrelevant. Script focuses too much on this tapping and fails to allocate space for romance and they had to finish the film in an abrupt manner.

The direction style of Sharath A Haridasan did showed his experience in advertising as we could see too much of imagination happening in each frame. The writing that never knew about the purpose was the biggest villain. Some sentimental and selfless sequences are there in the second half (like the 5 lakh havala deal) which stood out for its awkwardness. The police investigation part was unbaked. Like the way Ukkan Tintu was thrashed by Sringaravelan, Ramanan of Aey Auto also becomes an annoying memory. Some dialogues in those phone tapping session were hilarious. Satheesh Kurup’s frames were nice. Edits and BGM were okay. Music wasn’t that great. Art section was nice.

Dulquer Salmaan wasn’t that convincing as this “fallen madly in love” Afsal. Nazriya has very little to do in this film in terms of performance. Santhanam did his character without much disturbance. Geetha, Siddique, Tini Tom, Mamukkoya and many others are there in the cast. For me, the one man who performed the part perfectly was Jacob Gregory whom I believe saved the movie from being a total disappointment.

In short, I won’t recommend a recharge for you from Salala Mobiles. A hero smiling unaware of things happening around him is indeed a nice way to show romance. But for that you need to create an appealing romance on screen. Appreciating some technical pluses and scattered jokes, I am giving a generous 2/5 for Salala Mobiles.


Final Thoughts

A hero smiling unaware of things happening around him is indeed a nice way to show romance. But for that you need to create an appealing romance on screen.


Green: Recommended Content

Orange: The In-Between Ones

Red: Not Recommended


By Aswin Bharadwaj

Founder and editor of Lensmen Reviews.

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