Marubhoomiyile Aana

Remember those movies of Jayaram? Where he would be in total debt and the whole responsibility of the family would be in his shoulders. Marubhoomiyile Aana is somewhat a reincarnation of that kind of stories. The treatment by the way looks very amateurish and formulaic. With only the second half having some juice to please the viewers, Marubhoomiyile Aana isn’t a completely enjoyable cinema, but it’s a passable disappointment.

Suku is this jobless young man who is dealing with all the debts of his family. He is in love with Mr. Kamalan’s daughter, who once worked for Suku’s father. The life or death scenario forces Suku to take up a risk and go to Qatar. The movie deals with the changes that happen to Suku’s life after he meets a Sheikh from there.

The problem with the movie is its desperation to create comedy. V K Prakash has this history of making amateurish comedies like 3 kings, bluff masters etc. and this movie also has that flavour for a fair amount of time. The movie fumbles terribly in the first half with scenes having no grace and screenplay being dull. And in the second half, you will feel some improvement and that’s only because of the shoddy first half.

On screen, Biju Menon who now has a typical style of rendering characters repeats that style and his effortless way of delivering dialogues saves the movie from being a disaster comedy. Krishna Shankar as Suku isn’t a completely convincing performer. In the first half there were many areas where his dubbing was totally out of sync. Lalu Alex was fine in his antagonist avatar. Kanaran Harish was as usual hilarious. Major Ravi is there as an investigative officer and may be because of his poor performance, VK Prakash shows only his backside in one whole scene. Balu plays his typical hero’s right hand character. Samskruthy Shenoy doesn’t have much of an acting to do.

VK Prakash who has attempted a lot of varieties of genres in movie making attempts a nonsense comedy kind of thing with Marubhoomiyile Aana. But the writing isn’t really inviting us for a nonsense fun ride and thus the scenes look partially outdated and are somewhat clichéd. Like I mentioned in the beginning, the film follows the path of those Jayaram movies like Pattabhishekam. But unlike those movies which had natural humour with interesting plot elements, Marubhoomiyile Aana is an awkward mix of satire and sense. The director or writer hasn’t done much to take it to the CID Moosa zone of comedy. Cinematography is pretty average and the first half edits looked really poor. I liked the first song of the film which apparently looked irrelevant.

So Marubhoomiyile Aana might make you feel that it’s an average film because the second half of the film is significantly better when compared to the hasty first half. Nothing fresh is there to excite you. Thanks to Biju Menon and Harish for offering some witty moments with their small counters and comedy timing.

Rating : 2/5

Final Thoughts

Marubhoomiyile Aana might make you feel that it's an average film because the second half of the film is significantly better when compared to the hasty first half.


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By Aswin Bharadwaj

Founder and editor of Lensmen Reviews.

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