Thirunaal starring Jiiva and Nayanthara is a pointless movie that wanders around aimlessly with random scenes on a very clichéd formula. I am still trying to figure out what precisely this movie is about. It is not a gangster movie and it is not a love story. But all these elements are there in this movie filled with scenes.

Blade is the central protagonist of the movie. He is this orphan who is a prime henchman of a local gang leader. The movie deals with the love life of blade and the turn of events that put him against the gang which ultimately makes his life miserable. How Blade fights it out is what the movie showing.

The lack of conviction is the main irritating factor of Thirunaal. Yes the film is full of cliches we have seen a thousand times, but along with that there is this awkward pace for everything that is happening on screen. The construction of the love story is too lame and the reasons for main conflict also sound quite cheesy. If the same movie was made ten or twenty years back, it might have worked. When you see that item number towards the climax and that comedy scene at a really unwanted situation, the vexation just increases.

Jiiva is okay portraying that typical hero whose main job is to have that rowdy attitude. I have no clue on what prompted Nayanthara to choose this film at a time where her selections are sort of impressive. The character has no scope for performance. Sharath Lohithashwa was good as the antagonist. Karunas’s name is given third in the opening credits, but the significance of the character offered to him was quite less. Meenakshi is just there to expose her body.

P S Ramnath’s making lacks craft. The entire movie looks sloppy and there isn’t any particular scene or character equation that you would say was nice. The lack of a proper clash factor and the unbaked feel you sense in the shallow romance are only making the overall output bad. The jokes aren’t working and they are desperately using the Tom and Jerry BGMs to make us laugh. Screenplay is lazy. The cinematography is average and the music isn’t that catchy. The edits were bad.

Thirunaal is boring and thankfully the length isn’t that long to make the pointless narration a torture. I was expecting a fair enough entertainer looking at the cast, but Thirunaal is way too unappealing.

Rating : 1.5/5

Final Thoughts

Thirunaal is boring and thankfully the length isn’t that long to make the pointless narration a torture.


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Orange: The In-Between Ones

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By Aswin Bharadwaj

Founder and editor of Lensmen Reviews.

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