Molly Aunty Rocks

Molly Aunty Rocks directed by Ranjith Sanker is a movie that will surely please you if you are not looking for mere commercial entertainment. Ranjith Sankar who concentrated on social issues in his previous creations once again keeps that vision in mind, but this time it’s a bit more fun. The movie can be loved for its natural rendering and keeping things simple with a protagonist and antagonist that the audience can relate too.

The film revolves around the title protagonist Molly who went to USA after her marriage and after a while she comes back and rejoins her old job in the bank. Molly, whose father is a communist, always had a questioning attitude towards issues. When she finally decides to take VRS from her job and settle in USA with her husband, an income tax return issue comes into play. Her questioning attitude and law complication locks her completely. How Molly comes out of it and how she justifies her deeds which are offensive in the legal language is the plot of the movie.

As I mentioned earlier, this movie takes on the social issue in a bit more fun way when compared to the previous works of the director. Even the title of the movie is very positive about Molly, she isn’t that charming. She is just another self made lady with a bit more open attitude. She responds strongly when she is harassed by people. When Pranav Roy and she meets on the course, his male supreme ego and her inner truth clashes. The first half of the movie is largely concentrated on introducing Molly’s character to audience. The second half is more fun and engaging.

On screen, Revathy really fits in to the role of Molly with her natural slang and positive attitude. The by default innocence in her suits the questioning nature of Molly. The role of Pranav Roy is important for the script but the screen time of the character is relatively less. But Prithviraj has done his part neatly as the arrogant Assistant income tax commissioner. Lalu Alex fits into the role of Benny smoothly and Mamukkoya entertains us smartly with his advocate avatar. KPSC Lalitha, Krishna Kumar, Lakshmi Priya ,Rajesh Hebbar, Sivaji Guruvayoor and others have done their part neatly.

In the making, I should say it’s a much improved creation from Ranjith Sankar. He has kept this one simple enough for the audience to relate. The screenplay is gentle with no scenarios to drag the movie. The cause of Molly’s fight could have been crafted bit more deeply and if someone says this movie is not that great this could be the reason. Dialogs are natural but not that charming. Sujith Vasudev’s cinematography is impressive and Lijo Paul has done a nice work in the editors table. Music of the film is average but the BGM is pleasant and engaging.

Overall Molly Aunty is a pleasant movie with a signature of sincerity. It doesn’t have anything to boast as great or epic but its definitely a fun feel good experience through events we can relate to. I am giving 3/5 and a thumbs up for this creation. If Mr. Marumakan, Thappana etc are very good or excellent movies for you, this one may disappoint you. Go with less expectation and come out with a smile.

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By Aswin Bharadwaj

Founder and editor of Lensmen Reviews.

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