Raaz 3

Raaz 3 is supposed to be a horror story and ultimately it is a horrible story. The storyline is the backbone of any movie and for Raaz 3 that backbone is too silly and brittle. With a lot of cliché treatment in the horror side of the movie, this childishly scripted movie is a tiring one time watch. Imraan Hashmi doesn’t want to get rid of his serial kisser tag.

The movie is about an actress Shanaya Kejal who wants to regain her lost position in Bollywood. When an upcoming actress Sanjana Dhanraj achieves more than her, she feels insecure and decides to move against her. She ultimately meets an evil soul and with the help of that evil mind she tries to finish the career of Sanjana Dhanraj through black magic. For doing this she needs a helper and she decides to approach her boyfriend and a talented director Aditya. Aditya agrees to do the business for Shanaya by casting Sanjana in his next film. How Aditya does this job, how the personal relationship of the male protagonist with the female leads comes into play is basically the plot of Raaz 3.

From the beginning itself, there is a sense of silliness in the narrative of the movie. Just to entertain the audience with pure masala flavors there are abundant number of smooches and skin shows. There is nothing so unpredictable about the storyline. Even the supposed to surprising horror scenes were predictable and dull. The kind of action hero image put on Imraan towards the climax was also very disturbing.

Performance wise no one did anything bad. But why Imraan took this character after getting such a great break from Dibakar Bannerji. Bipaasha’s selection of this role actually reminds the same condition of the character she plays in the movie. Esha Gupta luckily gets a character that has something to do when compared to her previous outing “Jannat 2”. Other actors were also satisfying.

Vikram Bhatt disappoints big time with poor direction. Screenplay is predictable and too silly with cliché horror numbers. The film is in 3d and I don’t know what prompted them to make it in 3D. Apart from a scene where a cloud of cockroaches attacks Esha Gupta’s character, 3D wasn’t used at all to entertain. Songs were fine but the syncing was not that cool. Only thing that comes up as a positive is the VFX part which was kind of more than satisfying.

Overall, Raaz 3 is a movie that tests your patience and maturity to an extent. If you want to watch some steamy scenes and intense kisses, please go for this one. Otherwise it’s a crap creation. I am giving a 1.5/5 for this film from the Bhatt camp. Only black magic can make you love this movie.


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By Aswin Bharadwaj

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