If you are someone who madly loves the dark knight series of Christopher Nolan for its amazing narration, you should not watch the latest movie from acclaimed director Mysskin. It is such a childish desi version of the batman. The first half of the movie doesn’t really makes us feel that the script has something to do with Batman, but the second half character modeling and scripting spoils the fun by a too straight forward cliche finish.

The film is about this young man Anand/Bruce Lee who is a Kung Fu student and a damn good one in that too. On his course to impress the girl he loved he happens to become a part of a case in which the Tamil Nadu police is almost clueless, It’s about a gang of people who robs gold from people and kills innocent people and they leave no clue. Personal tragedies such as the death of his best friend and his teacher shackle him. He becomes desperate to prove his innocence when he is accused for a murder attempt. To prove his innocense and to take revenge for the death of his loved ones prompts him to take a disguised avatar of “Mugamoodi”. How Mugamoodi accomplishes the task is basically the story of the movie.

The plot is very familiar and we have seen this sort of hero becoming socially committed out of desperation in many other movies. Like some other Tamil movies like Anniyan and Kanthasamy, Mysskin gives the character Bruce Lee a super hero image. The super hero in all terms will remind us of Batman as he is mainly aided by his own physical strength. The first half is boring with an unsatisfying character build up of Bruce Lee and a clueless romance. The second half is almost a 25% baked dark knight with a villain that reminds us of Joker. The poor dialogs towards the climax spoil all that impression Narain created in the beginning.

Performance wise Jeeva is fit and fine. Narain impresses the audience with some unexpected Kung Fu moves. Nassar has shown his experience. Newcomer Pooja Hegde was a letdown in her totally unwanted or I should say unused female lead character. Girish Karnad wasn’t used in his character as the chief protagonist’s father. Selvaah was impressive as the master.

In the technical side, even with a giant production house Mysskin has made this movie with a lot of compromises. Direction is just around satisfying and the screenplay is very very ordinary. Stunts were not that great and the VFX mistakes were largely hidden in the night backdrop. Editing was good and the cinematography was ok. Songs were kind of interesting from K, but the placing of songs was pathetic.

On the whole, this Mysskin movie is a real let down. Apart from some realistic Kung Fu moves there isn’t anything in this movie to keep it in your head for a while. I am giving 2/5 for this beta Batman.

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By Aswin Bharadwaj

Founder and editor of Lensmen Reviews.

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