The one and main good thing about the movie Ozhimuri is that it’s not a single character oriented movie. It travels through the perspectives of each person in a three member family. A man who hates his wife because of the feudal nature of his mother towards his father, A woman who doesn’t want to die as her husband’s slave, A son who hates his father for being rude. The movie goes behind the real reason for the divorce petition (ozhimuri) of the female protagonist as she never directly blames her husband as a totally bad human being.

The movie revolves around three characters. Thaanu Pilla, Meenakshi and their son Sharath Chandran. Meenakshi files an Ozhimuri petition against her husband nearly after 30 years of married life. Due to legal complications of our judiciary system it will take a long time for her to get her compensation. At the mean time Thaanu Pilla’s advocate approaches Meenakshi and Son for an out of the court settlement. During the course of this the advocate gathers information about the so called rude man Thaanu pilla and his reality. The story eventually justifies every person for their actions.

The scripting at the beginning had the touch of a tamil movie with Speedy narration and a little awkward dialogs. But gradually everything became adequate and it was steadily paced. Madhupal has once again followed the style of narration with both past and present at the same time. That style is suitable for the story as it is a quest. The way the script builds the leading protagonists Thaanu Pilla and Meenakshi is really impressive. The romance they tried to insert between the advocate and son wasn’t at all convincing and it ended up making some intense scenes in the second half look awkward.

Performance wise Lal was again given a gem of a character by Madhupal and he has given his 100% to it. Mallika surprise big time with a superb rendering of a pivotal character. Asif Ali has done his home work in terms of learning the character, but the acting still has shades of over acting especially in emotional scenes. Shwetha Menon again delivers a marvelous performance as the cruel feminist. Bhavana has done her part neatly and actors like Jagadeesh and Manu were also impressive.

In the technical area, even though this one is not charming as Thalappavu, Madhupal has given his best in making this movie engaging. Script of Jayamohan was ok in the first half and got better in the second half as the story entered its core. Both script and direction failed in conveying the relationship between the characters played by Asif and Bhavana. Ranjith Ambadi’s make up deserves a special mention. It could have been better especially when it comes to Shwetha Menon’s old ages. Nice cinematography by Azhagapan. Removing the song was an intelligent decision as it will surely disturb the mood of the movie.

Overall, Ozhimuri from Madhupal is an impressive movie that will make the audience go through the minds of the three protagonists even after watching the movie. It may not be as charming as Thalappavu, but still it’s a very good movie for sincere movie lovers. I am giving 3.5/5 for this Madhupal-Jayamohan film.

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By Aswin Bharadwaj

Founder and editor of Lensmen Reviews.

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