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mybossDirector Jeethu Joseph’s new movie with Dileep and Mamtha in the lead roles is the Malayalam version of the super hit Hollywood flick “The Proposal” by all means. I wont blame the director completely as a thief because he has done some creative and desi style inputs in the storyline which at times helped and times dragged the movies total fun feel.

The plot is a really interesting one (for those who haven’t seen the proposal). Manu Varma is a BTech graduate and he is finally getting a job after nearly 8 years of course completion. The job is to be the personal secretary of the sales head in a major company in Mumbai. Priya, the head of the sales section is a boss who just fires her subordinates for each and everything and never shares a soft corner. Priya who was migrated Australia in her younger days is now staying in India as an Australian citizen. On the peak of her career where she is about to get an appraisal a visa issue comes in her way that will make her return to Australia. The particular situation forces her to tell the authorities that she is about to marry her assistant soon and she has all the rights to stay in the country. This makes the authorities doubt about the marriage. How the boss and her assistant try to convince the authorities and the family of Manu is the basic plot of the movie.

Well in comparison to the original movie “The Proposal” starring Sandra Bullock and Ryan Reynolds this one has its draw backs as it goes too much after the emotional side of the protagonists. The Proposal works for the audience because of its rendering that is quite smart and cool. My Boss at the same time follows a typical Malayalam movie pattern with a mix of good humor and not that convincing sentimense. The generation gap is again a topic in the movie similar to Jeethu’s earlier venture Mummy and Me and I must say that he is quite good in making those portions with a cool touch.

On screen I am happy to see a Dileep who was doing both comedy and character role without any gimmicks that would make us close our eyes. He was apt for the role and he did it impressively. I loved the combination scene of him with Sai Kumar where he expresses the grief to his father who failed to understand him. Mamtha on the other hand was cool in the Boss avatar but when it came to emotional sequences, she was disappointing mostly because of her dialect. Sai Kumar was damn cool in his father role. Kalabhavan Shajon deserves thumbs up for his funny role with impressive timing.

In the making, both in direction and scripting I think Jeethu disappointed only in the emotional side. Cliché dialogs and the lack of conviction that actors gave to the scenes made those areas look quite out of the feel. The movie scores for its fun element and what impressed me the most is that it didn’t depended on The Proposal much in those areas. In fact the role of Kalabhavan Shajon was not there in Proposal. The music was impressive but the track by Jayachandran was quite a bore. Nice cinematography. Art could have been better.

On the whole, My boss is an Entertaining one time watch. It’s not vulgar as Mayamohini or Stupid as the Son in law. I am giving 3/5 for this Jeethu Joseph film. If you have seen “The Proposal” , keep your expectation level very low.

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By Aswin Bharadwaj

Founder and editor of Lensmen Reviews.

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