Namukku Paarkkan

“Namukku Paarkkan” directed by Aji John is a sincere attempt to make a feel good movie with a plot that can surely be called as a common man’s story. Because of a bit dragging second half and the amount of darkness towards the climax the rhythm of the film is spoiled.
The movie is about the family of veterinary doctor Rajeev. With his wife Renuka (a govt. school teacher) and two sweet kids he is living a normal happy life. Rajeev is the second son in his family who helped his brothers to attain good heights in life and always stood for his sister by helping her lame husband at occasions to start new business ventures. Rajeev’s dream is to make his own house with some beautiful ideas. But with his modest salary and also the modern day cost for building a house, Rajeev constantly postpones his plans. A situation comes where the humiliation faced by his family for not having their own home prompts him to build a house before the monsoon at any cost. How Rajeev did this, the problems faced by him in this struggle are the core part of the movie.
As the plot promises, the movie is sweet and simple. The best part of the script is the construction of characters which we can easily connect with. The sacrifices of Rajeev were impressively presented. Through many occasions we feel bad for Rajeev. Even the final word of his uncle who always fought with him justifies his large hearted nature. The first half of the movie easily connects with the audience because of its natural rendering. So many emotions of a family life are convincingly conveyed in the first half. But when it came to the second half the plot was focused on one particular issue and it kind of made the script dragging.
Direction of Aji John is not beyond the normal bench mark. But he never spoiled the charm of the script’s first half. Dialogs were really cool. Ratheesh Vega’s music with the lyrics of Anoop Menon is really nice. But the songs didn’t really sync with the flow of the movie. Other technical fields were also convincing.
Performance wise, yet another charming performance from Anoop Menon. Rajeev is safe in his hands with amazingly good natural flow. Meghna has potraid Renukha in a good way and her chemistry with Anoop Menon is really good. Tini Tom impresses the audience with his understanding big bro character. Janardhanan, Manu, Kaviyoor Ponnamma, Sudheesh, Asokan and many others in the cast delivers a good show. Jayasurya’s cameo appearance was also really good.
Overall Namukku Paarkaan is a simple sweet one time watch. It’s not a great cinema n all. But it connects to the common man very easily. I am giving 2.5/5 and thumbs up for Aji Jhon’s Namukku Paarkkan. A little bit missing from what it promised.

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By Aswin Bharadwaj

Founder and editor of Lensmen Reviews.

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