The Amazing Spider man

The new refilled version of the web master is an impressive creation. The Amazing Spider man is a movie with more sci-fi rather than too much of inferiority of the title protagonist. Makers have successfully made this movie an entirely different Spider man first part with total reconstruction of the script.

My first impression about the movie was that the build up of the character n all will be the same and only the latter portion of the script will be different from its earlier package. But to my surprise, the movie delivered a 80% reconstructed script. Many characters are having a background that can substantiate their presence in the script. For instance, just take the case of Mary Jane in the previous Spidey movies. Mostly she is there only for kissing and for the villain to kidnap. But in this one, the love of the life of Peter parker Gwen Stacy has a valid reason there to be on the script.

The movie is obviously about Peter Parker and how he gets into his Spidy Avatar. A frustrated Peter one day finds the his fathers old suitcase and finds some important files in it. His uncle reveals the details about the person who was seen in a photograph in that particular suitcase. Dr. Curtis Connors the chief scientist at Oscorp was Peter’s dads colleague and they were doing combined researches on regeneration serum to help regrow limbs and human tissue. Peter discloses the secret algorithm to Connors for getting info about his lost parents, but the outcome was very alarming. With him getting the spider bite and super power it naturally becomes his responsibility to stop the Lizard turned Connors from causing danger.

As I mentioned earlier, the structuring is different. Peter’s father’s identity has a key role in this version. His girl friend is not just a beauty kit. Gwen Stacy helps Spider man in a more useful way. All the main Protagonists in the movie are interconnected. Eventhough Peter is a bit Geeky, he is Presented as a bit more wise guy. The way he faces his new powers is really fun to watch on screen. Every feature in the previous edition are there, but in a different manner.

On screen Andrew Garfield is really ood as Peter Parker and spidey. A good outing after the much appreciated Social Network. Emma Stone neatly did the role of Peter’s lady love. Rhys Ifans plays the role of Dr. Curtis Connors in a very satisfying manner. Rest of the cast including Denis Leary as Captain George Stacy were really good on screen. It was nice to see Irfan Khan doing a worth role of short span in such a big canvas movie.

The film really scores in the technical side for its fresh rendering. Direction is impressive. The screenplay felt a little dragging in the pre climax (One after the last fight) section.But otherwise it was engaging. VFX team can take a good credit for giving a new perspective when compared to the usual spider man VFX. Visual Effects felt a little bad in the sequences including Irfan Khan in the bridge. Otherwise it was really good. The fight in the college, spiderman’s entry to the fight plot in the climax and the last scene etc were a really good mix of sensible cinematography and superb VFX.

Overall, The Amazing Spider man is a really fresh relaunch of the old one which will surely wont make you regret the time you spent for it. I am giving 3.5/5 for this good rendering of a visually amazing 3D movie.

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By Aswin Bharadwaj

Founder and editor of Lensmen Reviews.

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  1. Awesome movie…. Awesome comments on all movies.. Keep it up…. I take your reviews to decide whether to watch a movie or not…

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