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Even though the plot may look too weird Umesh Shukla’s Oh My God is not a slap stick third rate comedy movie. It’s a beautiful satire against the spiritual Babas in our country. By Baba’s neither me or the film makers are targeting Hinduism, it’s against that section of people who claims to have knowledge and wisdom about religion but lives luxuriously and doesn’t live a selfless Godly life.

The story is basically about the guy Kanji Bhai who doesn’t believe in God. He has his own ideology about the concept of God and ironically he lives by selling idols of various Hindu Gods. His against God acts results in the destruction of his shop in a light earthquake which causes problem only to his shop. When he finally approaches the insurance people, they decline his claim by saying the event as an Act of God and they cannot fund him. This provokes Kanji Bhai to move against God as he is the one who took all his earnings. With the help of an elderly advocate, Kanji files a petition in the court against God and the insurance company and as part of that the court summons all the Babas as Kanji listed them as the accused. How Kanji proves his point that God is behind this and how God himself helps him in finding truth and moving against the God selling activity is the core of the movie.

Well, the plot is quite a fictional one and it gives a lot of scope for entertainment as well as enlightenment. The good thing about the movie is that it succeeds in both department and never goes to masala level of fun. As the situations are unreal, the screenplay demands a section that conveys the logic behind the arguments of Kanji Bhai. There is a scene where one Baba asks Kanji why he is suing them for the mistake of God and his reply is hilarious. One other cool scene is that where he proves the fact that God is the man behind earth quake. One more good factor about the movie is that the portion were God comes and joins Kanji is not presented in a usual way. They have tried to maintain a low profile screen presence for the Krishna avatar of Akshay Kumar. He is more of a guide rather than a superman.

On screen, Paresh Rawal scores with his Kanji avatar. The character suits his style of acting and he is also tested as an actor. Akshay’s cameo appearance is worthy and his on screen chemistry with Paresh helps the movie in keeping the movie a cool one. Govind Namdev and Mithun Chakraborty also did their job neatly.

Off screen, direction is good. The screenplay lags a bit in the first half, but it is more engaging and funny in the second half with some worthy dialogs and impressive concepts. The VFX is quite an average one. Pleasant cinematography.

Overall, OMG is a pleasant movie experience that will make you smile after watching. It’s not a great movie or a classic creation, but it will surely make you happy for the amount of sincerity in the content. I am giving 3/5 for this feel good experience. NB: Keep your hopes low.


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By Aswin Bharadwaj

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