Resident Evil Retribution

Personally I feel that it’s high time they put an end to the Resident Evil saga which just revolves around a silly concept which kind of attracted film makers a decade back. Well the new Retribution package from writer director Paul Anderson doesn’t really appeal in any way to make me think differently about the whole concept.

The movie continues from its last part and after being attacked by computer controlled Jill, Alice wakes up in Umbrella Corporations laboratory. When she gets a chance to escape from there with the help of Albert Wesker’s associate Ada Wong. Ada explains to Alice all about the augmented reality that Umbrella Corp. embedded in many people and also about the particular testing environment created in the Arctic Circle near Russia. Wesker who no longer works for Umbrella wants the help of Alice in keeping human race alive and he assembles a team including Ada and four other men to help her escape from Umbrella base and also destruct the Umbrella testing environment. The challenges Alice and the team had to face in getting out of the big testing environment of Umbrella which is completely computer controlled and full of Zombies is the core of the movie.

The run time of the movie is just around 90 minutes and considering the nature of the concept this part is almost like a bridge that takes Alice to the final showdown. Inclusion of the embedded memory never really cracks any surprise in the audiences mind as we have seen it a many times.

On screen, Milla Jovovich delivers the character of Alice with required perfection. Her trademark attitude is still there and with rest of the cast supporting her well, the performance side is good for the movie.

In the making, direction is typical RE and screenplay is awkwardly paced. No big complications or surprises to make it engaging or thrilling. Cinematography is impressive. Editor has put in some effort to make the poorly executed stunts look somewhat descent. The VFX of the movie also flaws at occasions. 3D was used to good extent.

If you are a crazy fan of this series it’s a must watch. Otherwise just knowing the basic storyline will be more than enough. I am giving a generous 2.5/5 for this RE episode. Let’s hope the next part will mark the “epic” conclusion.

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By Aswin Bharadwaj

Founder and editor of Lensmen Reviews.

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