Paayum Puli

Suseenthiran is known for creating intriguing thrillers that somewhat utilizes the emotional outbreak of his characters (except for Rajapattai). Paayum Puli, his new film with Vishal after the impressive Pandiya naadu is an overall good film that borrows a bit from Suseenthiran’s other movies of similar genre. With the second half cocktail having a good mix of emotions and thrill, the director succeeds in establishing an identity for his creation.

Madurai city businessmen are getting threatening calls from local goons demanding too much money. Those who didn’t oblige to their demands were killed and the scene became quite a mess for the police force. The plot becomes more exciting when an assistant commissioner of police takes charge to deal with these bad asses. His enquiry to know the head of this racket and the surprises that awaits him are what the movie talking about.

It is actually a bit disappointing to see someone like Suseenthiran desperately investing some time on side track comedy and irrelevant romance. When you look at the whole movie, the Kajal Aggarwal portions and the Soori domestic violence comedies are kind of itchy. Luckily for us, the director stops his commercialization tactics there. The movie becomes more gripping in the second half with the cat and mouse game reaches an interesting level. With some realistic outburst and rough action sequences soaked in emotions, director conveys the plot.

In the making, Suseenthiran follows his usual style. Sepia toned streets were seen here also and the effort was there to make the procedures look less heroic and more of police smartness. The script borrows a fair bit of ideas from Pandiya naadu. The slight missing in excitement is basically because of the fact that our hero is a powerful guy. The “common man” feel, which was there in Pandiya Naadu was missing here. Script was lively and the second half mixture of thrill, emotions and fights gives the movie an overall convincing outlook. There was no necessity for a love track in this movie. D Imman’s tunes were good and R Velraj’s cinematography also showed standard.

After a while Vishal gets to do a sensible character in the form of ACP Jayaseelan. Kajal Aggarwal was okay in her not so relevant role. Soori does his routine stuff. Samuthirakani did the antagonist part impressively.

So to sum it up, Paayum Puli is a slightly over commercialised product from Suseenthiran. But the movie still has enough content to keep you excited. The rating would be a generous 3/5. Something is there that would make you say that it is not an average movie.

Final Thoughts

Paayum Puli is a slightly over commercialized product from Suseenthiran. But something is there that would make you say that it is not an average movie.


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By Aswin Bharadwaj

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