The Transporter Refueled

The transporter franchise is mainly a one man show entertainer that sort of worked only because of its mass appealing super star lead Jason Statham. The Transporter Refueled starring the relatively unknown Ed Skrein is a dull film that has a few ultra slow motion and CGI generated set pieces to keep you just away from boredom.

Well except for the hero, there isn’t much of a change in the basic idea. As usual Frank Martin gets a call in requirement of a transporter. And in the usual manner the client agrees to his 3 rules and once it came to the business, Frank got to know that the package he had to deliver was two girls and the transporter mission was just a small part of their big robbery plan. Circumstances were such that Frank had to accompany the girls in their big plan. How it all happens is what the Refueled Transporter talking.

Honestly the attitude of Statham was the one thing that attracted me personally to watch the Transporter series. The story part of all the three movies is kind of just okay. When it comes to the transporter refueled, you will terribly miss the bald man and his creepy voice. Ed Skrein is a different transporter all together. Like the character “Anna” says in the movie, a sort of depression is there in his portrayal. Co written by Luc Besson, story touches all the clichés and the only thing I found interesting was the juggling of money by the girls to complete the revenge. Car chases, flying cars, Audi under the aircraft, Audi inside the airport, Mitsubishis getting squashed everywhere and to improve the Audi promotions they even have two fights to demonstrate the cars features.

Ed Skrien doesn’t look that appealing as the transporter. His attitude looked more like a depressed man’s anger. In terms of fight also the guy lacks that enthusiasm. Ray Stevenson was okay as the cool Frank Sr. Loan Chabanol is just a pretty face and the spicy scene of hers was chopped by the Indian censors.

Brick Mansions director Camille Delamarre tries to make the movie fast and edgy, but the script with which he had to do that never really had the excitement element. Much like the old version, the only area to work on was in visualizing the set pieces and Delamarre has done that part neatly. The cinematography and edits were okay. Background score doesn’t create an impact.

On the whole, The Transporter Refueled lacks the fuel. The duration is only 96 minutes and that makes it less boring. The rating would be 2/5. A lengthy Audi ad .

Final Thoughts

The Transporter Refueled lacks the fuel. A lengthy Audi ad .


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By Aswin Bharadwaj

Founder and editor of Lensmen Reviews.

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