My boss

Director Jeethu Joseph’s new movie with Dileep and Mamtha in the lead roles is the Malayalam version of the super hit Hollywood flick “The Proposal” by all means. I wont blame the director completely as a thief because he has done some creative and desi style inputs in the storyline which at times helped and… Continue reading My boss


I heard a feedback from my friend that the new James Bond movie Skyfall is the worst Bond movie he has seen. Well I can understand why he said that. In this particular bond movie you won’t see a typical Bond girl, there won’t be any totally unreal Bond gadgets to make things childish. If… Continue reading Skyfall

Cloud Atlas

It took me one day to review “Cloud Atlas”. Not because I was thinking about what to write in the review, but I was thinking over and over about the complicated narrative of a simple emotion’s untold side. Unique and complex representations of basic human emotions such as love, hatred, care etc. To digest the concept… Continue reading Cloud Atlas


Well I haven’t seen any Santosh Pandit movies yet but I have seen many clips of it. From that I can confidently say that “Super Star” Santosh Pandit will have to be more serious in making stupid stuff as there are new people in the industry. I am talking about the makers of the new… Continue reading Kaash


Prakash Jha’s new socio political drama “Chakravyuh” is a movie that manages to stay in the audience’s mind because of its relevant content. Set on the backdrop of Naxal movement, “Chakravyuh” throws light on the dark future that may destroy the biggest democracy of the world. The less amount of commercial drama and the directors… Continue reading Chakravyuh

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Prabhuvinte Makkal

Director Sajeevan Anthikkad’s Prabhuvinte Makkal is a movie that deserves the tag of Brave Cinema. A movie that goes through the backend stories of Godmans and also the baseless arguments of people who believe in religions without knowing the concept of God to its depth. The movie scores the most for its sarcastic approach on… Continue reading Prabhuvinte Makkal

Premium Rush

Director David Koepp’s “Premium Rush” is an entertaining film because of its backdrop. Eventhough the content is a cliché mission accomplishing type one, the backdrop of the cycle-courier service makes it engaging and thrilling. With frames always in a rush and with the colors and pace of the city and the protagonists, this one is… Continue reading Premium Rush

Student of The Year

Student of the year from Karan Johar is a fruit salad. Karan has nicely embedded all his previous films characters and their characteristics in his new venture. With a pinch of three idiots in the theme, SOTY from Dharma productions is good fun. Karan Johar gets back to his safe zone of multistarer love stories… Continue reading Student of The Year

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