Penguins of Madagascar

Penguins of Madagascar featuring the laughter package Penguins of the Madagascar series has done what it was supposed to do in an impressive way. With a script that slowly picks up the speed to enter the hilarious conversations and actions of the title protagonists, this movie from DreamWorks is a well made entertainer that has fun in every scene.

The story starts from the childhood of our leads who were from Antarctica. . They were different from the usual ones in terms of attitude and the boys decided to go out under the leadership of skipper. The conflict of the story happens when the gang gets kidnapped by an Octopus named Dave who has a rivalry with the Penguins as their presence made him loose his position in the New York zoo. Dave’s mission is to make the whole penguins in the world look beasty and how our heroes protect their race from this is what the movie talking about.

Well I think I revealed a bit too much, but that much was necessary to explain the basic plot. The uniqueness of the penguins of the Madagascar series was their authentic style which kind of spoofed the usual drills and clichés in a conventional Hollywood movie. We get to see an extended version of that with genuine humor along with a story that somewhere reminded me of the Despicable Me second part. The runtime is just 92 minutes and they have packed it with a lot of humorous dialogs and hilariously choreographed scenes that you won’t find a moment to yawn or look at the watch.

Simon J Smith joins Eric Darnell in this venture and their direction hasn’t entirely changed the feel of the movie. The characters and situations have that energy and enthusiasm which helps the movie to sustain a good momentum. The script as I said isn’t that fresh in terms of theme, but they have created a good enough plot to include all the humorous sequences. One scene that was really hilarious was the one were the antagonist calls the North Wind office. They have included all the troubles we normally face during a Skype call and everything happening on screen will surely leave you ROFL. Dialogues are witty. The animation has kept the usual DreamWorks standard. BGM was nice and the edits were very good too. As always the tone of the voice of the characters would make you laugh and unlike the other Madagascar films, we get to see a sad mood of the optimistic skipper.

Penguins of Madagascar surely made me happy with its typical humor. The rating is 3.5/5 for this DreamWorks product. Just for your info, there is a post credit scene.

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By Aswin Bharadwaj

Founder and editor of Lensmen Reviews.

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